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Bruno Nuytten at the Cinémathèque française: "a critical lens"

To Bruno Nuytten and Caroline Champetier, AFC
Although it might seem an exaggeration, this little wink at Robert Doisneau is the opportunity to remind our readers that over a dozen members of the AFC – and I may not have had the opportunity of recognizing everyone in attendance – attended a nearly-full auditorium on Wednesday, 20 March at 8pm to support Bruno Nuytten at the opening of the retrospective that was dedicated to him at the Cinémathèque française.

AFC Micro Salon 2019, a winning bet and a successful move

The 19th annual Micro Salon, held on 8 and 9 February 2019, made a decisive change, which had been in the works for the past two to three years, and moved to the Parc Floral de Paris. There, a massive open space awaited it, which allowed for easier set-up, a design that made visiting more pleasant for attendees, and large meeting spaces where conviviality, one of our event’s hallmarks, went hand-in-hand with equipment presentation and screenings of images, the creation of which is the principal subject of interest of all in attendance.

AFC Newsletter Editorial, March 2019

At the 44th Annual 2019 César Awards ceremony, it was possible to moon Robert Redford or to have a César awarded to the box-office champion by one’s own father, but it was impossible to voice a number of important questions regarding French cinema without being interrupted by a little tune…

Technical stuff

Guillaume Schiffman, the order - and concept - of merit

In 2017, the Ministry of Culture offered cinematographer Guillaume Schiffman to honor him by making him “Knight of the National Order of Merit.” Being offered that so-evocatively named reward pleased the man no end... but he never finished filling the proper documents and never went to fetch it.

The latest news from ACS France

In cinema today, the trend is to miniaturization, like that of cameras (for example: the Red and Alexa Mini), which resulted in a shrinking of the machinery but also a lightening of accessories. However, optics remains a technical tool bound by the laws of physics. It is now possible to enter an impressive number of pixels into a camera sensor the size of a fingernail.

On Screen

The 100th Anniversary of the ASC

As part of the “Toute la mémoire du monde” Festival, held on 13-17 March 2019, the Cinémathèque française has celebrated the hundredth anniversary of the ASC. François Thomas, who has spoken as part of this event, sheds light on some of the facets of this highly-historic association for the AFC.

Professional life

Death of filmmaker Patrick Grandperret

Although not well-known by audiences, filmmaker Patrick Grandperret, who passed away at Saint-Maur-des-Fossé on Saturday, 9 March at the age of 72, seduced generation of cinephiles with his films, which were full of freedom, poetry and tenderness, but also of surprising audaciousness. Borne by the fluidity of his camera style and the energy of his actors, his work, which, although it was not prolific was recognized by his peers, cut across the trends and changes in cinema and television for nearly four decades.

Patrick Grandperret has passed on…

I met Patrick fifty-six years ago and he is one of the few people that I have never had the slightest disagreement with over such a long period of time. A friendship, an exceptional fraternity through our shared passions: motorcycles and cinema.


"Angenieux and Cinema, from Light to Image"

For quite some time, Angénieux has been thinking of doing a book to trace the incredible rise of the Angénieux brand, since the creation of the company in 1935. The dream has actually come true and the 270-page book with a French and an English edition will be previewed at NAB2019 before its international release in bookstores.

A Page has Turned

It is with a pang in my heart that in late June 2018, I will hear for the last time the continuous purring of the AFC’s printer carrying out the task that was assigned to it for the last quarter century. Namely, the reproduction of nearly three hundred copies of the AFC’s monthly Newsletter. Indeed, in the name of prudent cost-saving measures, and with a few rare exceptions that will confirm the rule, the Newsletter will only be available in PDF format, which each recipient will be able to print out if need be.

About the questioning of the European Commission lighting directive

The association of lighting designers (ALD) alerted the profession against a possible revision of the European Community lighting directive to the entertainment (Scenic, event, film and TV). I signed the petition from the ALD and I participated in the European Union survey to defend the LEDs and tungsten lighting technologies. Imago asked me for my opinion on the question. And here is what I replied.

A random picture

Kazuo Miyagawa (1908 -1999) In Bookshelf

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Quotation of the month

Ce n’était pas seulement le travail des hommes qui rendait ces pays étranges si bizarrement contrastés ; la nature semblait encore prendre plaisir à s’y mettre en opposition avec elle-même, tant on la trouvait différente en un même lieu sous divers aspects. […] Ajoutez à cela les illusions de l’optique, les pointes des monts différemment éclairés, le clair-obscur du soleil et des ombres, et tous les accidents de lumière qui en résultaient le matin et le soir : vous aurez quelque idée des scènes continuelles qui ne cessèrent d’attirer mon admiration, et qui semblaient m’être offertes en un vrai théâtre.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, La Nouvelle Héloïse, 1761

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