AFC-related activities 

Director of photography Andrew Droz Palermo explains the shooting of "Good Luck", music video of Broken Bells band

Among the music videos in competition this year at Camerimage, one of them definitely gives light a leading role. "Good Luck", from the group Broken Bells tells the run away of a young boy who gets bored at home and starts meeting people who seem a bit like him, shining from inside. Andrew Droz Palermo tells us how this original music video was made. (FR)

Peter Deming, ASC, speaks about the shooting of "The Good Lord Bird", by Albert Hughes

Produced and starring actor Ethan Hawke in a state of grace, The Good Lord Bird is a Showtime set just before the Civil War.
Albert Hughes (who directed Menace II Society, with his twin brother Allen) directed the pilot, while Peter Deming, ASC (Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive...) shot the seven episodes. He spoke with us about this film shot in Virginia, and which proposes a simultaneously modern and classic vision of a Western.(FR)

Nicolaj Brüel, DFF, speaks about the shooting of "Pinocchio", by Matteo Garrone

After Dogman, in 2018, the Roman director Matteo Garonne once again teams up with Danish cinematographer Nicolaj Brüel, DFF, on a new adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s popular tale Pinocchio. In this adaptation Garonne’s passion for the marvelous is obvious – it was already present in Tale of Tales, 2015, with a parade of characters and places that transpose the children’s tale into a world sometimes close to German romanticism. Pinocchio is selected in the main competition at the Camerimage 2020 festival. (FR)

Technical stuff 

On Screen 

Director Guillaume de Fontenay and cinematographer Pierre Aïm, AFC, discuss shooting “Sympathy for the Devil” during a Q&A Session at Camerimage

A short time before the start of the Camerimage Film Festival, at which Sympathy for the Devil was selected in the Director’s Debuts Competition, cinematographer Pierre Aïm (winner of the Grenouille d’or in 1995 for La Haine) granted the AFC an interview about his work on that film. During the festival, he reminisced about his experience during a Q&A session held right after a Q&A by the film’s director, Guillaume de Fontenay.

Professional life 

Death of cinematographer Renan Pollès, protean artist

Renan Pollès, cinematographer and director, but also writer, contemporary artist, and passionate archaeologist, passed away at the age of 76 on 23 October 2019. He will be remembered for the refinement of his cinematography on films by Michel Andrieu and Pascal Thomas, which are like reference points that emerge out of a filmography that often preferred to take the road less traveled, far from mainstream cinema, out of loyalty to filmmakers with fanciful and imaginative worlds such as Jean-Michel Barjol, Jean Rollin, Robert Lapoujade, Yvan Lagrange, Jacques Robiolles, and others.

Support for Adèle Haenel

We, Femmes à la caméra (Women with a Movie Camera), give our strong support to Adèle Haenel.

Jean Monsigny has left us

Cinematographer Jean Monsigny passed away on Wednesday 18 September 2019, at the age of eighty-three. A member of the AFC and an artist in the broadest sense of the term, he filmed about seventy fictions and documentaries for cinema and television during his forty-five-year-long career.


Paris Images meets Eric Gautier, AFC

While Paris Images announces its next edition, which will take place entirely online from January 25 to 29, 2021, its website offers an interview with director of photography Eric Gautier, AFC. On the occasion of the Micro Salon AFC 2020, he talks to us about his job and in particular about working with a director facing the language barrier.

Birth of a new medium about topical photo-cinematographic "art"

I received this e-mail (which you can read below) from our friend Ronny Prince announcing a new international medium concerning the topicality of our photo-cinematographic "art": Cinematography World, which will be released in print, web and digital magazine form early next year.

Rob Legato’s Master Class is online

As part of the "Toute la mémoire du monde" Festival, Rob Legato was the guest of the Cinémathèque Française on Friday March 6, for a Master Class to a full house. The session is now available online in a subtitled version hosted by, until April 6, 2025 !

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Paul Éluard, extrait du recueil Derniers poèmes d’amour

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