• Yves Cape, AFC, SBC, wiping the slate clean

    In the 1960s, the combined peculiarities of the Belgian and American administrations deprived Yves Cape of any kind of citizenship until he was to turn 16. Born in Belgium, the only son of an American father and a Belgian mother, young Yves had to carry a ‘‘Stateless’‘ safe-conduct – a traumatizingly pink document - until he was ordered to choose between being Belgian or American. He went for Belgian. With no regret whatsoever.
  • Kazuo Miyagawa (1908 -1999)

    In honour of the Kazuo Miyagawa retrospective, which is being held at the MoMA in New York from 12-29 April 2018, and the Kenji Mizoguchi retrospective (Miyagawa filmed many of his movies) taking place at the Cinémathèque Française through 15 April 2018, Marc Salomon, consulting member of the AFC, offers us the opportunity to look back on the career of this Japanese cinematographer.
  • Julien Poupard, AFC, Twixt fairies and loonies

    Every summer, in the house near Paris that his grandfather shared with his family, Julien Poupard made a short film with friends as passionate about cinema as he was. His father, a producer of institutional films, looked on that enthusiasm with a favorable eye and gladly provided his son not only with his equipment, but also – and no less important - his encouragement and advice.


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