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Yves Cape, AFC, discusses "Plus Que Jamais" ("More Than Ever"), by Emily Atef

Describing a young couple facing an existential choice, Plus que jamais (More Than Ever) is also a journey towards accepting another’s choice, starring Vicky Krieps and Gaspard Ulliel . Yves Cape, AFC, was the DoP for this film shot in France, Luxembourg and Norway. He shares what it was like to make this film, at once hard and bright. (FR)

Julien Poupard, AFC, discusses his cinematographic work on "Les Amandiers", by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

The film is set in the 1980s and tells Valeria’s personal experience from her time at the Théâtre des Amandiers school, but with contemporary actors. I wanted that to be reflected in the image. The memory of images is more important than the image itself. When you see the film, you must feel the both 1980s and the 2020s. Because the film is a meeting between the past and the present.

Guillaume Deffontaines, AFC, reflects on the making of "Nos Frangins", by Rachid Bouchareb

For his tenth feature film, Rachid Bouchareb decided to immerse viewers in the student demonstrations of December 1986. At the center of Nos frangins is the free reconstruction of two tragedies: the deaths of the young Malik and Abdel who became the symbols of police brutality during the Pasqua-Pandraud years. Because it alternates between real archival footage, recreated archival footage, and more classic fiction, it was a particular challenge on this film to reproduce the texture of the video used in television reporting at the time. Guillaume Deffontaines, AFC, explains how he did it. (FR)

Technical stuff 

On Screen 

Ruben Impens, SBC, discusses the making of "The Eight Mountains" by Charlotte Vandermeersch and Felix Van Groeningen

Before becoming a writer, Paolo Cognetti was a student at Milan’s filmmaking school. This was put to good use in the making of this film, over which he kept a watchful eye “like a good guardian angel,” according to Ruben Impens, SBC. With The Eight Mountains, the first adaptation of his novel, the lover of alpine hiking seems to have found a duo of directors on the same wavelength as him. The result is an Italian-language ode to mountain peaks, a film about friendship and life’s unpredictable paths. Luca Marinelli and Alessandro Borghi are the two main actors. (FR)

Professional life 

Death of Jacques Perrin, actor, producer and director

An actor, and then later on an activist producer and director, Jacques Perrin’s career as a cinematographer did not follow the beaten path. Although born into the profession, he forged an original and demanding path for himself, and confronted the most improbable challenges and stakes with audacity and tenacity, believing that his only talent was “knowing how to bring together talented people”. Those who participated in his films will remember, amongst his other qualities, his kindness, his courage, his obstinacy, his confidence, and the respect he showed them.


Sound is always ahead of the picture!

Following the double screening of lens tests of the Standard and Large Format lenses planned at Paris Images AFC Events 2022 at the Parc Floral de Paris, Eric Vaucher, former sound recordist and current project manager, sent the AFC the following letter, in which he judiciously compares the developments in sound recording to those in lens manufacturing!

The Leica Freedom Train

During the trip to the Leitz-Park in Wetzlar, Germany, organised by the Leitz team to bring together some European cinematographers, we were able to visit the Leica Camera factory, the Leitz cine lens manufactory and the museum. In one of the rooms, we could read a text about an activity that Ernst Leitz II kept secret all his life and which mentions the rescue of Jews in the years before and during the Second World War. In doing so, Ernst Leitz II took incredible risks for himself, his family and his company.

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Le ciel, pur et tranquille, était nuageux à l’horizon. Dans le lointain, les cimes commençaient à prendre les teintes de rose vif que leur donne souvent le coucher du soleil. […] Enfin le bourg, obliquement traversé par les lueurs du soleil, étincelait comme un diamant en réfléchissant par toutes ses vitres de rouges lumières qui semblaient ruisseler. A cet aspect, Genestas arrêta son cheval, montra les fabriques de la vallée, le nouveau bourg et la maison de la Fosseuse.

Honoré de Balzac, Le Médecin de campagne, octobre 1832 – juillet 1833

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