AFC-related activities 

Alistair Little reviews the shooting of the first three episodes of "True Love", by Chloe Wicks

"True Love" is one of the series screened in Lille as part of the International Panorama. Co-created by actress and writer Charlie Covell (known for "The End of the Fuck*ing World" on Netflix, 2017-2019) and Iain Weatherby, it deals with euthanasia with both suspense and a sharp British humor. Leading this project is actress Lindsay Duncan, who delivers a lively and deeply moving performance next to her four other septuagenarian co-stars. Cinematographer Alistair Little captures the visuals of the first three out of six episodes, directed by Chloe Wicks whose credits include the recent "The Flatshare" for Paramount Plus."True Love" was aired on Channel 4 in the UK from January 2024 and can be streamed on their VOD platform. (FR)

Recap of IAGA 2024 in London

The Annual General Assembly of Imago (IAGA) – the International Federation of Cinematographers – was held in London from 14-15 February 2024, hosted by the BSC. Richard Andry, who represented the AFC alongside Jean-Marie Dreujou, Eric Guichard (Imago’s Controller) and Denis Lenoir (Board member), has written the following detailed and illustrated recap of this event.

The Origins of a Trophy

Room 1163, Bry-Sur-Marne Hospital: Pierre-William Glenn is holding a small bronze Caméflex in his hands. The image is both sad and beautiful… this moment was recounted to us by Gilles Porte the day after the first-ever AFC Awards ceremony. He went to visit Pierre-William on his sickbed to show him the trophy that would be awarded to the winner of the new AFC Awards, as he was a founding member of the association. This small object in Pierre-William’s tired hands is the embodiment of the association’s founders passing the reins over to us, who are committed to making the AFC both active and lively.

Technical stuff 

Cinematic Excellence with Leitz Cine Zoom Lenses

In the world of filmmaking, every frame is a canvas, and every lens is a brushstroke. Just as a painter selects their tools with meticulous care, filmmakers rely on precision-crafted lenses to bring their vision to life on the screen. As one of the premium manufacturers in the world of optics, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar is proud to bring their legacy of optical innovation and engineering excellence to the world of cine zoom lenses.

Yves Cape, AFC, speaks to Seth Emmons, Leitz, about "Memory", directed by Michel Franco

Memory sees Mexican writer and director Michel Franco push into new territory with a film that follows two characters who both have troubled relationships with memory. Jessica Chastain’s Sylvia is a social worker and recovering alcoholic with a history of sexual abuse while Peter Sarsgaard’s Saul is a widower suffering from dementia. The narrative weaves a story of uncertainty even as the two grow closer. Behind the camera was long-time collaborating cinematographer Yves Cape, AFC and the film opened in competition at the 2023 Venice Film Festival.

On Screen 

Looking back on the meeting and discussion with Peter Biziou, BSC

Peter Biziou, BSC, was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his entire body of work at the Camerimage festival this year. A retrospective enabled all festivalgoers to discover or rediscover some of his biggest hits, and a conference about his career was held before a packed audience. This conference highlighted four key films from his body of work, and then the audience was given an opportunity to ask questions.

Professional life 

A Tribute to Trevor Steele

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Trevor Steele on Wednesday, 20th December 2023, at the age of 84. In January 1982, he founded the EMIT corporation (Equipement Moderne Image Technique), which he ran for many years, and he was one of the most well-liked and respected pillars of the filmmaking industry. Cinematographer Philippe Ros, AFC, who was an intimate, gives us the following tribute.

Petition for a César Award for Makeup and Hairdressing

Of all the countries awarding film prizes, France, cradle of cinema, is the only one not to reward the departments of Makeup and Hairdressing. However, we all know, in our position as directors of photography, how much we owe to close collaboration with the people in charge of makeup and hairstyling. Their work on set supports the actresses and actors on a daily basis and contributes to the visual identity of a film. The AFC relays below a petition launched by the makeup artists of the AMC for the creation of a César for Makeup and Hairdressing.


Death of John Bailey, ASC, and Victor J. Kemper, ASC

We learnt of the death of John Bailey, ASC, just as the 31st annual Toruń Camerimage festival was about to begin. The most European of American cinematographers died on 10th November, in Los Angeles, at the age of 81. Two weeks later, on 27th November, Victor J. Kemper, ASC, one of the architects of the revival of American cinema in the 1970s, passed away at the age of 96. Let’s take a look back at two parallel careers that embody two different sensibilities in American cinema.

A real-life conference on virtual production

This article to download below is a report on the "Visual Media Lab Conference" and on the activities of the Imago Technical Committee (ITC) on this occasion. You will find links to the speakers’ recordings. The article which features a selection of the most important presentations is dedicated to all those who work or will work in the field of virtual production and/or who teach.

Death of Bill Butler, ASC (1921-2023)

Bill Butler, who passed away two days before his 102nd birthday, was of the same generation as his colleagues William Fraker or Haskell Wexler and was hardly older than Conrad Hall. He was born Wilmer C. Butler on 7 April 1921 in Colorado. He began cinematography later in life (he was already 47 years old when he shot The Rain People, by Francis Ford Coppola in 1968), but Bill Butler left his mark on several films that remain hallmarks of a certain American cinema of the 1970s: The Conversation, Jaws, Grease, Rocky II (and III and IV). But he was careful not to allow himself to get locked into a specific genre or style, and he veered into commercial productions, which were better able to anonymize his talent.

A random picture

Philippe Garrel, viseur de champ en main, Jean-Paul Toraille, en arrière-plan, et Willy Kurant sur le tounage d'"Un été brûlant", en 2011 (dédicace de Willy Kurant)
Philippe Garrel, viseur de champ en main, Jean-Paul Toraille, en arrière-plan, et Willy Kurant sur le tounage d’"Un été brûlant", en 2011 (dédicace de Willy Kurant)

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Sur les meubles vernis aimaient à tournoyer…

Arthur Rimbaud, Poésies, "Les étrennes des orphelins", 1869

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