AFC-related activities 

Director of photography Andrew Droz Palermo explains the shooting of "Good Luck", music video of Broken Bells band

Among the music videos in competition this year at Camerimage, one of them definitely gives light a leading role. "Good Luck", from the group Broken Bells tells the run away of a young boy who gets bored at home and starts meeting people who seem a bit like him, shining from inside. Andrew Droz Palermo tells us how this original music video was made. (FR)

Peter Deming, ASC, speaks about the shooting of "The Good Lord Bird", by Albert Hughes

Produced and starring actor Ethan Hawke in a state of grace, The Good Lord Bird is a Showtime set just before the Civil War.
Albert Hughes (who directed Menace II Society, with his twin brother Allen) directed the pilot, while Peter Deming, ASC (Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive...) shot the seven episodes. He spoke with us about this film shot in Virginia, and which proposes a simultaneously modern and classic vision of a Western.(FR)

Nicolaj Brüel, DFF, speaks about the shooting of "Pinocchio", by Matteo Garrone

After Dogman, in 2018, the Roman director Matteo Garonne once again teams up with Danish cinematographer Nicolaj Brüel, DFF, on a new adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s popular tale Pinocchio. In this adaptation Garonne’s passion for the marvelous is obvious – it was already present in Tale of Tales, 2015, with a parade of characters and places that transpose the children’s tale into a world sometimes close to German romanticism. Pinocchio is selected in the main competition at the Camerimage 2020 festival. (FR)

Technical stuff 

Bebob presents Sustainability Action Plan

In order to meet the growing public interest in sustainability issues, Bebob decided to share deeper insights into the company’s engagement to environmental protection. Respect for the environment has played an important role for Bebob from the very beginning, but the company is continuously working hard to improve processes and thus to create more sustainable production and recycling chains.

Nikon introduces MRMC’s entry-level Bolt Mini Model Mover

The latest high-speed robotic arm from Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon-owned company with over 50years of expertise in motion control robotics for the film & entertainment industry, is a new entry-level machine allowing companies to enter the world of high-end motion control at previously unreachable pricepoints.

A look at the colour grading tools used on “Madame Claude”

Now that Madame Claude has been broadcast, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the postproduction process of this film’s image and at the tools used during it. I reawakened a few memories during discussions with Gilles Granier and Arnaud Caréo, respectively the colorist and technical director at Labo Paris (associate member of the AFC).

On Screen 

The 2021 Cannes Festival interviews

During the 74th Cannes Film Festival, we have published 34 written or video interviews (20 are in English, others in French), in which directors of photography speak about their work on the selected movies. Here are the links allowing you to read or watch each of them.

Professional life 

Tribute to Jean Penzer

Born on 1st October 1927 at Livry-Gargan to parents of Russian birth. His father was born at Krisilo (today in Ukraine) and his mother at Vitebsk (today in Belarus). They met in Odessa before moving to France in 1911, where they were naturalized in 1928. Jean-Bernard Penzer studied cinema at the Vaugirard cinema school from 1945-1947 (same class as Jean Boffety, Pierre Tchernia, Georges Leclerc, René Mathelin and Georges Dufaux) before working as an assistant cameraman from 1947-1955.

Death of cinematographer Pascal Poucet

We were saddened to learn of the death of cinematographer Pascal Poucet, which occurred on Friday 21 May2021 at the age of 73. Having frequented the art world his entire life, his cinematographic work took him far off of the beaten path and carefully followed the work of the artists he met, and some of whom he followed for a time.


Loumasystems and Louma 2 in "Film and Digital Times"

In an article about the Louma 2 published in issue 107 of Film and Digital Times, Jon Fauer, ASC, talks to Jean-Marie Lavalou and Hugo Gélin about the use of the famous remote-controlled crane on the set of Mon inconnue, cinematographed by Nicolas Massart.

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Fujifilm to Launch the Fujinon Premista 19-45mm T2.9 In Lenses

Quotation of the month

Sur la plage de R… deux corps brunissaient au soleil, c’était Pierre et c’était Catherine. Silencieusement, ils absorbaient la lumière. Puis ils nagèrent jusqu’au rocher creusé que les indigènes appellent Bunte BI.

Raymond Queneau , Le Chiendent, Éditions Gallimard, 1933

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