Camerimage 2006, the 14th Edition

La Lettre AFC n°159

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The 14th edition of Camerimage - the world-largest festival awarding cinematographers and directors of photography - starts on November 25th. This year the festival is offering 3 competitions.

Aimed to debutantes from European countries, it will take place for the first time this year. Eight films were chosen to competition on the basis of their visual values and under the condition to be the first or second feature of the director.

The films will be judged by international Jury in respect of collaboration between director and cinematographer. The Jury President will be Lech Majewski, film and theatre director, screenwriter, poet, novelist, painter, composer, member of Directors Guild of America and The European Film Academy.
The Jury will consist also : Guillermo Navarro - cinematographer of such films as Desperado, Hellboy and Jackie Brown, Piotr Kukla - laureate of “Golden Frog" Award 2003, Igor Klebanov - laureate of the main national film award in Russia, Nika Award, Oscar-nominee Jost Vacano and Kramer Morgenthau, nominated for Emmy.

Two directors of photography, AFC members, are selected for competition :
Patrick Blossier, AFC, for Indigenes directed by Rachid Bouchareb.

Yves Cape, AFC, for Flandres directed by Bruno Dumont.