Camerimage 2018

FilmLight at Camerimage 2018

par FilmLight La Lettre AFC n°292

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FilmLight will present two conferences at Camerimage this year : the first will be on Postproduction for Cinematographers, from the Camera to the Monitor ; the second, on the natural rendering of colours and textures in painting.

First Conference
Which procedures have an impact on a film’s image, between the camera and the medium in which it is distributed ? Digital post-production is a process whose complexity is almost as great as that of photochemical development of film.
During this conference, Andy Minuth, a colour timer and colorimetric space management specialist with FilmLight will explain the impact of digital image capture and the important steps of image treatment in postproduction. He will clearly illustrate how to adjust sharpness and to convert RAW mosaic into RGB format, as well as colorimetric workflows and their transfer curves.
This conference is intended to clarify these procedures and to identify postproduction errors and how to solve them.

Second conference
First Part : Natural Rendering of Colours and Textures
How to obtain images with a preferential rendering of colour and contrast, in order to develop very sharp and wide-gamut monitors ?
Daniele Siragusano, image engineer with FilmLight, will focus on the basic concepts of natural rendering of colours and contrasts, as well as on the fundamental differences between the way the human eye perceives colour and contrast and the way that modern HDR reproduction does. He will also introduce new colour timing tools that make digital images have a more natural rendering.
Second Part : A Look at Colours and Textures in Painting, by Rolf Coulange, BVK
Cinematographer Rolf Coulanges, BVK, will report on how his detailed study of Grand Master paintings impacted his work. His richly-illustrated presentation will show how colour and texture together compose an image.