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In the latest news from Aering UK, a look back to the AFC Micro Salon show, to the shooting of Star Wars IX - and shooting with Muti Cameras Array -, and also to the César 2020.

AFC Micro Salon show 2020
Thanks to the entire AFC team for this great organization and this unmissable event. We are pleased to present the aerial shots of Six Underground, photographed by Bojan Bazelli and produced by Michael Bay, on the stand. Service performed over two months of work in Italy, and in the UAE (Abu-Dhabi and Dubai).

You could see in situation on the stand :
- A Shotover K1 with an Arri SXT and Cooke 35-140 mm zoom lens
- A Shotover F1 with an Arri Alexa Mini & a 25-250 mm Angénieux zoom lens
- A Shotover M1 with a Sony P50 & Fuji 46x

Big thanks to all our visitors throughout these two very intense days.

Starwars IX
The film was released on screens in December 2019 : The Aering team was mobilized on this project to set up a civil helicopter in Jordan (transported by Cargo plane from Europe). The shooting of this sequence took place in the Wadi Rum desert. Three “camera kits” were used for these helicopter shots with the Shotover K1 head.
- An Arri Alexa 65 & Arri 65 Zoom lens kit
- A Trident Array with three Arri Alexa Mini and 20 mm Zeiss Ultra Primes kit
- An Arriflex 535 with 1000 ft magazines and a 25-250mm Angénieux zoom lens

The shots made with first unit were shot with the Arriflex 535, and the images made for the VFX and the second unit with the Trident Array and the Arri Alexa 65. It is necessary to plan two hours of beat to change the camera kit.

Nos Multi Cameras Array
As a note, we offer the "Multi Cameras Array" (Hydra or Trident). It combines the advanced performance of the Shotover K1 with the integration of multiple cameras. This innovative concept offers a very wide field of vision and a remarkable definition. This allows either to crop the images at will or to work the image in its smallest pixels. It also frees the filming of the green screen from the constraints of a camera frozen in predefined axes. For example, it will be possible to create a half sphere made up of the images of the Array in which camera movements will be possible.

We have two variants : the Hydra (6 cameras) and the Trident (3 cameras). The first solution is ready to go : the Hydra is supplied with the six cameras, optics and accessories, you just have to take pictures. The second : the Trident shines with its flexibility, it can indeed accommodate the three models of flagship cameras on the current market as well as two choices of optics.

César 2020
Among the eligible films of the year, we wish great success to The Wolf’s Call, photographed by Pierre Cottereau and first film directed by Antonin Baudry, for which Luc Poullain and his team worked on air to air coordination with the French Navy and the staging team to take these aerial shots on the open sea with submarine crews.

Happy New Year 2020 to the readers of La lettre de l’AFC !

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