Soft Lights

Membre associé / Fabricant de matériel d’éclairage spécialisé dans la fluorescence

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  • 20, Quai de la Loire
  • 75019 Paris
  • PAYS : France
  • Tel. : + 33 1 44 72 80 00
  • Fax :+ 33 1 44 72 82 10
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Softlights started in Norway in 1989. Since the last six years, Softlights head offices are in Paris. Softlights is a leader in the development of lighting based on tube-technology.

Softlights has five models that already have a many faceted history : the 720, Lezard, Obi, Iris and the Baby. They have had over the years a prestigious history : Chanel’s catwalk in Paris, two of Kodak’s test labs for optics, a lot of feature films, commercials, TV-studios.

Softlights latest models are the T5 series with digital electronicts, DMX, all integrated inside the fixture. We are happy to introduce you to our new T5 family : the T5-55, T5-100, T5-150 and T5-200. They now all run on both 110 and 240 Volt AC, 50 & 60 Hz.

Softlights’s basic philosophy is to develop products in close collaboration with the film - and TV - industry professionals. Softlights is known for their tailor-made solutions, often dedicated to a special film or a complex TV-show. This has given Softlights a close relationship with the creative people - and their needs.