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Yves Cape, AFC, SBC, wiping the slate clean
By Ariane Damain Vergallo for Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Portraits of cinematographers from the angle of Leica

In the 1960s, the combined peculiarities of the Belgian and American administrations deprived Yves Cape of any kind of citizenship until he was to turn 16. Born in Belgium, the only son of an American father and a Belgian mother, young Yves had to carry a ‘‘Stateless’‘ safe-conduct – a traumatizingly pink document - until he was ordered to choose between being Belgian or American. He went for Belgian. With no regret whatsoever.

Look back on the BSC Expo 2018
By Richard Andry, AFC President

BSC Expo

If Britain chose the Brexit direction, Hollywood preferred to choose the one that leads to studios facilities in the London area. Those of Pinewood, Longcross, Leavesden, Shepperton and Ealing, are permanently full and even saturated, with huge investments committed in terms of expansion and accessibility, and booked for a very long time.

Julien Poupard, AFC, Twixt fairies and loonies
by Ariane Damain Vergallo on behalf of Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Portraits of cinematographers from the angle of Leica

Every summer, in the house near Paris that his grandfather shared with his family, Julien Poupard made a short film with friends as passionate about cinema as he was. His father, a producer of institutional films, looked on that enthusiasm with a favorable eye and gladly provided his son not only with his equipment, but also – and no less important - his encouragement and advice.

Benoît Debie, SBC, the attraction of opposites
By Ariane Damain Vergallo on behalf of Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Portraits of cinematographers from the angle of Leica

In Liège, a small French-speaking town in Belgium and the self-proclaimed “waffle capital of the world,” a child was born that no one could predict would become an internationally known cinematographer. Like so many kids, that child, Benoît Debie, has a character trait that all parents dread: he hates school. But he also has another trait, far more predominant - and deeply embedded: whatever he undertakes, he is determined to succeed.

About the Leica M 0.8 lenses
Guillaume Deffontaines, AFC, cinematographer on David Oelhoffen’s "Territories"


Shot in and around Paris in the dead of winter, David Oelhoffen’s Territoires is a "twilight urban western" that stars Reda Kateb and Matthias Schoenaerts. Long before principal photography was scheduled to start, cinematographer Guillaume Deffontaines, AFC, worked closely with the director to make the (intense) seven-week-long shoot as smooth as possible.

December latest news from ACS France

Specialized shooting

ACS France now proposes new aerial footage of Intramural Paris (7 & 8th district), shot in helicopter with Alexa XT & Angénieux 24-290 package, between 11am and 1pm. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

ACS France’s last projects

Specialized shooting

With the Shotover K1, the only 6 axis gyrostabilised head on the market: recent set up with an Alexa XT and the Anamorphic Angénieux Optimo 40-440mm, for the shoot of a feature film in the North of France. A unique set up completed with our ‘Rain Spinner’ mounted for shooting under the rain if necessary.

The new Optimo Ultra 12x, by Angénieux


Angénieux announces a New Long Range Multi-Format Design Zoom Lens at IBC 2017 (booth number 12.E36) and continues to adapt its offer to the market trends by announcing new innovative zoom lens series. Following up the Angénieux Type EZ Series for S35mm and larger image formats recently unveiled at IBC 2016 for the growing corporate, documentary and owner-operator markets, Angénieux is now announcing at IBC2017 a new multi format 12x Optimo zoom lens for the high-end production market.