Technical stuff

New contacts for Kodak in January 2015


Effective 1 January 2015, we have the following new contacts for the sale and support of our Motion Picture Film products in the France / Benelux region.

ACS France Shotover K1 and "long line" for Warner Bros

Cable’s remote control camera head

One more year at our customers’ service to advise them about how to achieve specific and aerial shots. We always work and think about how to better approach directors and cinematographers. Once more, ACS France has worked upstream Warner Bros Production to study, advise and meet a specific request for aerials with "ground effect" (turbulence created by the helicopter rotor wind).

Thales Angénieux to receive the BSC "Bert Easey Technical Award" 2014


Thales Angénieux is honored to be the recipient of the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) "Bert Easey Technical Award", presented at the annual BSC Operators Night on Friday 28th November 2014 at Gibson Hall in London. This award was named in honor of Bert Easey, who, in 1947, was head of the camera department at Denham and Pinewood Studios and was integral in the formation of the BSC. The award is given to "an individual or company who has contributed something outstanding in the way of endeavor or equipment."

ACS France: Shooting in the nature

Grip and Cranes

Since the end of last year, we have made several shootings in the fauna and flora for two French Directors’ next documentary... Hedgehogs, blackbirds, wolfs, ponies... So wildlife shootings!

Remember 50 years ago… A famous lens made by Angénieux...


Remember 50 years ago... On July 31, 1964 Ranger 7 took the first pictures at close range of the Moon. These pictures were made by Angenieux 25mm f: 0.95 M1 lenses.
The Ranger program was a series of nine unmanned space missions by the United States in the 1960s, between 1961 and 1965, whose objective was to obtain the first close-up images of the surface of the Moon: large-scale topographic information needed for the Surveyor and Apollo projects.

The F65 – a visually superior camera!

Digital Cameras

Lucy, the latest film by Luc Besson, featuring Scarlett Johansson and Norman Freeman, will be released in France on 6 August and was filmed with the Sony F65. Thierry Arbogast, AFC, and director of photography on this film and on many of Besson’s other films, shares his experience of shooting with the F65.

ACS France on the shooting of "Jupiter Ascending"

Grip and Cranes

Having shot with John Toll, ASC, and the Wachowskis on Cloud Atlas, it was a pleasure to be asked to shoot on Jupiter Ascending. ACS France provided the complete aerial shooting solution in Iceland and recently in Bilbao including helicopter, Aerial DOP, Film Pilot, crew and low level flying permissions. All the logistics involved in getting that perfect shot.

ACS France on the shooting of "Supercondriaque"

Grip and Cranes

A great team for Supercondriaque, Dany Boon’s latest movie, photographed by Romain Winding, AFC. Our team worked at night in Paris streets during Christmas time, and in Budapest also at night time in order to follow car pursuits with the Ultimate Arm and with Jean Baptiste Jay as a camera operator.

ACS France on Ironman France Nice

Grip and Cranes

A beautiful project with Nils Tavernier photographed by Laurent Machuel, AFC. We worked within the Nord Ouest camera team (7 cameras to cover the event) for the Ironman competition in Nice.

ACS - and the art of cloud-flirting...

Grip and Cranes

ACS France has just moved into new premises a few hundred metres from the old address – we’re still in Buc, a town that was once a hotbed of aviation and aerobatics – and now Louis Blériot has his own Airpark.

4K Live record of Paris-Bercy Tennis Tournament (Oct 26 /Nov 3. 2013)


After Coldplay and Andrea Boticelli’s concerts in 2012, Muse’s concert in July 2013 4K Live records by United, a dutch subsidiary of Euro Media Group, Euro Media Group was on BNP Paribas Tennis Masters in Bercy (Paris). On the 4 Sony F55 cameras were used 2 PL mount Angénieux zoom lenses : the Optimo 28-340 and the Optimo 15-40. Ronald Meyvisch, New Technology Officer by Euro Media Group gave Angénieux his feedback.