A multi-camera underwater housing (Subspace)

The Bluearth team presents you its new custom made housing from Subspace

Contre-Champ AFC n°342

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For 10 years we have been developing multi-camera housings in close collaboration with Subspace Pictures. They allow us to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of photography.

Today we have a brand new housing Subspace allowing us to accommodate our different cameras : Phantom VEO, RED Raptor, RED Commodo, Alexa 35, Alexa Mini LF, Sony Venice, Canon C200, ...

Our solutions allow an integral management of the image in immersion by the underwater operator. Thanks to our video and LCS feedbacks, as well as our communication between the surface and the background, these solutions also allow a remote control of the image by the directors of photography on the surface. The operator can thus fully concentrate on his frame.

Caisson Subspace - Subspace Pictures
Caisson Subspace
Subspace Pictures

We have tested this housing with different cinema lenses. In remote controlled version via WCU-4, our housings can accommodate several series of fixed lenses : Summicron-C, Sigma FF, Cooke S7i, Arri Ultra Prime.

For zoom lenses, our housings can accommodate Angenieux Optimo standard, DP and EZ lenses, Zeiss 15.5-45, Arri Supreme Prime and Sigma Art.
It is also possible to control the camera with an electromechanical system that offers up to twelve controls on any type of camera.

Système électromécanique - Subspace Pictures
Système électromécanique
Subspace Pictures

The strong point of this subspace housing is its modular capacity. Indeed, it is possible to extend the housing to insert longer lenses.

Crantage optique - Bluearth Studio
Crantage optique
Bluearth Studio

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