Aerial Collection : an aerial footage bank from all over the world for all kind of movies

par Papa Sierra La Lettre AFC n°279

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On top of the footages from Yann Arthus-Bertrand movies, you can discover on our website all our latest images.

Our stock :
- More than 3,000 hours of unique aerial images in the world.
- The world seen from the sky in HD or 4K.
- Long sequences of several minutes for more choices.

Tailor made fares :
- Price according to the type of broadcast and only the seconds used.
- Degressive Pricing system per second.
- You will be charged only for the seconds effectively used in your final cut.
- The more you use our images the more we lower our prices.

On request :
- We can freely explore through our archives for your specific searches.
- With our aerial capture systems and cameras, we can organise a shooting for you anywhere in the world.

Search / Watch :
- Efficient search and selection tools with easy sharing option.
- Quick estimation of the selling price.
- Downloadable rushes for editing tests.

Edit :
- Download rushes in mp4 format, easily integrable in all types of editing software.
- We also propose our services of editing and color grading.

Order :
- Send us your selections and your Time Codes statements to get the rushes in HD or 4K.
- Purchase Orders, Invoices and License agreements historical stockage online.