Au palmarès des "European Film Awards" 2023

Contre-Champ AFC n°350

Lors de la 36e cérémonie de remise des "European Film Awards", samedi 9 décembre 2023 à Berlin (Allemagne), le film Anatomie d’une chute, de Justine Triet, photographié par Simon Beaufils, s’est vu attribuer six récompenses : "European Film", "European Director" (Justine Triet), "European Actress" (Sandra Hüller), "European Screenwriter" (Justine Triet, Arthur Harari), "European Editing" (Laurent Sénéchal), "European University Film Award". Le directeur de la photographie danois Rasmus Videbæk, quant à lui, s’est vu remettre l’"European Cinematography" pour Bastarden (The Promised Land), de Nikolaj Arcel.

Trois des lauréats des "Excellence Awards" 2023
European Cinematography
Rasmus Videbæk pour The Promised Land
Le jury : “The poetic cinematography in The Promised Land illustrates perfectly that Rasmus Videbæk knows exactly where to push forward and where to stand back. Visually powerful, he doesn’t draw too much attention to the camera, leaving story and characters the room they deserve, be it working on the harsh Danish heath or inside the lodgings of the workers around Captain Ludvig Kahlen and the impressive mansion of the local sovereign.”

Rasmus Videbæk - Photo Harald Fuhr / EFA
Rasmus Videbæk
Photo Harald Fuhr / EFA

European Editing
Laurent Sénéchal pour Anatomie d’une chute
Le jury : “As this psychological drama slowly unfolds, Laurent Sénéchal’s editing is a main part of the story’s architecture. What is withheld and what is revealed at what time keeps surprising the viewer, adds to our impression of the characters and gives the story its pace. New bits of information keep changing what we thought we knew.”

European Production Design
Emita Frigato pour La chimera
Le jury : “Matching completely different styles, Emita Frigato’s production design creates the spaces in which this fairy tale can really unfold. In a perfect balance, precise historical knowledge of both ancient Italian art and of this part of Italy in the 1980s is joyfully mixed with a kind of magic realism. All rooms and spaces contain a reality that is supported by textures, trinkets and kitchen utensils, never taking over the story but enhancing what happens and the characters who are in it.”

Membres du jury des "Excellence Awards"
- Matteo Cocco, directeur de la photographie, Italie
- Mdhamiri Á Nkemi, chef monteur, Royaume-Uni
- Maria Shub, chef décorateur, Ukraine
- Armaveni Stoyanova, créateur de costumes, Bulgarie
- Eglė Mikalauskaitė, cheffe maquilleuse-coiffeuse, Lituanie
- Gina Keller, designer sonore, Suisse
- Zviad Mgebry, compositeur, Géorgie
- Mårten Larsson, superviseur VFX, Suède.

Les lauréats - Photo Sebastian Gabsch / EFA
Les lauréats
Photo Sebastian Gabsch / EFA