Collective Labour Agreement for French Cinematographic Production

La Lettre AFC n°233

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On 1 July 2013, after ten years of negotiations, the decision to extend the Collective Labour Agreement for French Cinematographic Production was signed.
The wrenching debates that preceded this ratification have caused the end of support that we once thought indefectible.

In the interest of peace and in order to open the floor to dialogue, we have decided to allow various Citizens of the Cinema to freely express themselves here in a spirit of mutual engagement and sincerity.
We hope that their contributions will open new avenues of thought for the reform of a system that is unique in the world.

Below, you will find translations of selected contributions from our 1st July special issue entitled "Et maintenant..." and a PDF file of the full version in French.

The Rules of the Game, by Eric Gautier, AFC
The National Convention, 21 September 1792 - 26 October 1795, by Pierre Schoeller, director
Tentative Synthesis as of 3 July 2013, by Frédéric Sauvagnac, ADP

Many other contributions are available online on the French version of our website.

Et maintenant... version PdF