Coutard, “First Name : Raoul”

Raoul Coutard has passed away

La Lettre AFC n°270

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Raoul Coutard has passed away ! The famous cinematographer and director left this world on Tuesday, 8 November 2016, near Bayonne, at the age of 92. With his passing, a major figure of the cinematography world of the last sixty years – from 1956 with Pierre Schoendoerffer’s La Passe du Diable to 2001 (Philippe Garrel’s Sauvage Innocence) – has taken his last bow.

Rather than retracing his career, listing his filmography, or discussing his innovative and revolutionary approach to cinematography – which are all known and recognized by all – we’d prefer to remind everyone that the French Cinémathèque, in partnership with the AFC, paid tribute to him in 2007 by screening over thirty of his films, and that an interview with him was published in the 2d issue of Lumières – les cahiers AFC. We’d like to propose that you read the tributes and articles listed below that shed light on the legendary figure of contemporary cinema that Raoul Coutard still remains today.

- " In memoriam of Raoul Coutard: messages from AFC cinematographers"
- "Raoul Coutard ou la maîtrise, l’exigence, la droiture, l’humilité d’un bon chef", by Pascale Marin, cinematographer (in French)
- "Tribute to Raoul Coutard, by Dick Pope, BSC"
- "Raoul Coutard, ’en direct’ de Camerimage", by Richard Andry, AFC (in French)
- "Extraits de la rencontre-débat avec Raoul Coutard à la Cinémathèque française, en 2007", propos remis en forme par Marc Salomon, membre consultant de l’AFC
- "Raoul Coutard, le sens du don et du risque", by Eric Gautier, AFC (in French)
- "Un samedi à la Cinémathèque", by Pierre Lhomme, AFC (in French)
- "Cinémathèque française : l’hommage à Raoul Coutard", by Willy Kurant, AFC, ASC (in French).

In the portfolio below, you will find photos taken on set from between 1959 and 1985, a few more recent photos of Raoul Coutard, and some of the photos he himself took during trips to Laos and Vietnam.