Damien-Vicart’s last shootings

La Lettre AFC n°305

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Find below the picture and videos from the filming of “Les Rivières Pourpres”, the last series broadcast every Monday evening on France 2 and on Netflix.

We were able to implement the technical means for aerial shots of this series, with Olivier Marchal who plays Pierre Niemans in the best-seller (Les Rivières pourpres) by Jean-Christophe Grangé, in which Erika Sainte plays the role of Lieutenant Camille Delaunay.

Olivier Marchal
Olivier Marchal

Olivier Marchal et l'équipe de Damien-Vicart
Olivier Marchal et l’équipe de Damien-Vicart

Olivier Barma au cadre de la Sony Venice de Next-Shot
Olivier Barma au cadre de la Sony Venice de Next-Shot

Following this shooting, Olivier Marchal asked us to follow him for the shots of his new film Bronx as director and Denis Rouden, AFC, as director of photography.

On the poster of this film Bronx you can find actors such as Jean Reno, Lannick Gautry, Stanislas Merhar, David Belle and Gérard Lanvin.

  • Watch the series "Les Rivères pourpres" on France TV’s replay website.

Watch a making of et extracts of our aerial shots


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