Family Tree

L'Arbre et la forêt

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After, among others, Jeanne and the Perfect Guy, Funny Felix, Cote d’Azur and Born in 68, Family Tree is my seventh film collaboration with Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau...
Frederick (Guy Marchand) and Marianne (Francoise Fabian) live alone in an old family house in the middle of a forest. On the occasion of a birthday party gathering his children and grandchildren, Frederick decides to reveal the secret that he has kept hidden for years.

After working together on several films where the camera had to be as light as possible, we wanted for the treatment of this story to return to a more sedate style, where the camera would be less intrusive, more modest. We therefore opted for a classic grip package and for camera movements as discreet as possible.
We knew that the film’s subject (family reunion, settlement of scores, buried secret) would lead some to compare it to Thomas Vinterberg’s Festen. But the purpose of this film is totally different. My reference was Visconti’s Conversation Piece, with its claustrophobic ambiance and this impression of a dying world.

Family Tree is a film of late autumn, a film that we wanted dark and dusky. We attached great importance to the progression of the color of the landscapes during the shoot, repeatedly modifying the work schedule to achieve the desired shades...
We shot in anamorphic with a 100% photochemical finish (except for one shot... you’ll have to guess which one) and I enjoyed every step of this traditional workflow, as if it was my last time doing it.

The films of Jacques and Olivier are always shot in a happy atmosphere and the team around them is, for the most part, the same since their debut twelve years ago... This "family spirit" is so rare these days, that I must speak of it, and say that it allows us to shoot movies in the joy of being together !



Camera Assistants : Claire Caroff, Mary and Charlotte Demaison Ortiz
Gaffer : Laurent Bourgeat
Key Grip : Temoudjine Janssens
Color timing : Mathilde Delacroix and Alain Guarda


Negatives : Kodak 5217 and 5218
Camera Equipment : Arriflex camera, Hawk anamorphic lenses from TSF Camera
Grip Equipment : TSF Grip
Lighting Equipment : TSF Lumiere
Aerial photography : Air Pegasus Balloons
Laboratory : Eclair
Color timing : Mathilde Delacroix and Alain Guarda