Lumex announces the "Energy Center"

par Lumex La Lettre AFC n°226

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Lumex launches the "Energy Center", a new generation of secure power source. Already at the forefront of new technologies such as the “Agilight” lighting crane and the “Twin Pack” mobile secure power sources, Lumex adds the “Energy Center” to its range of innovative products now available for rent.

The “Energy Center" was designed and developed by Lumex in order to meet the growing demand for an environmentally friendly secure power source. The “Energy Center” combines a generator and a new generation inverter on the same vehicle, allowing for the transformation of existing energy into filtered and secure energy without creating any pollution. This innovative system with a power of 250 kVA provides uninterrupted power supply to the sensitive systems used on live broadcasts such as gen-lock projectors and their command consoles, OB trucks, etc. Entirely soundproofed (the noise created is no more than 55 dB at a meter’s distance), this new unit considerably reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The choice of materials and equipment was specially studied in order to ensure minimal environmental pollution (the exhaust system and stage 3 motor conform to the most advanced standards in terms of atmospheric pollution).

The thermic generator motor is only activated in case of a power loss on the regular electricity network and stops 10 minutes after the return of network power. The unit is also air conditioned in order to prevent its overheating during operation (the inverter is cooled to 15-25°C which should guarantee a 10-year lifespan to the batteries storing backup energy for the inverter). This air conditioning is provided by network power when the unit is connected to the mains. When on the road or parked without access to mains power, the air conditioner is powered by batteries charged by the truck while driving.

Gilles Rousseau, the CEO of Lumex, declares “the use of an inverter and a latest-generation motor complying with the most stringent standards make this a technologically advanced unit. This leads us to believe that as soon as it is available for sale, this piece of equipment should be a true success with productions that are becoming ever more careful to respect the environment.”
The Energy Center was demonstrated at the Lumex stand at the Heavent trade fair held from 27-29 November 2012.

(Translated from French by Alex Raiffe)