Lumex offers the CarpetLight for rent

par Lumex

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Carpetlight is a high-tech lighting product. With a high CRI ranging from 2800K to over 5.600K. Powered by a PWM with constant current control for ultra-low gradation combination and flicker-free rendering. LEDs are convection cooled through a patented multilayer textile compound. The textile outer casing provides maximum mechanical protection and also provides water-repellent and dust-proof properties.

Lumex offers the CarpetLight for rent.
Its main advantages are weight and flexibility while maintaining excellent photometric quality.

On the front, a spacer fabric enlarges and diffuses the light emitting area and protects the LEDs. The power supply can be controlled remotely via the DMX protocol to change the light intensity and color temperature, or manually directly on the unit. Any DC voltage between 12 and 36 Volts from AC/DC batteries or power supplies can be used to power the Carpetlight.

A system of structure included in the kit makes it possible to stiffen it together and by this way to exploit the Carpetlight in classic projector mode.
Due to its flexibility and durability, many other applications are possible.

Lumex offers for rent :
- Carpetino (630x230mm)
- CL 21 (645x400mm)
- CL 42 (1220x630mm)
- CL 44 (1235x1215mm)