Sreenning of a blind film lens test made by the AFC

With the ENS Louis-Lumière Film School

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In late 2018, the AFC, with ENS Louis-Lumière Film School, performed a comparative test of sixty-six lenses from thirty-three different spherical and anamorphic series. We are organizing a blind screening of the results on Tuesday 12 November at 16:00 at the Cinema City, Screening Room N° 12, and Friday 15 November at 13:30 at the Cinema City, Screening Room N° 6.

This test, shot in standard Super 35 format on a set with models by Caroline Champetier, AFC, Denis Lenoir, AFC, ASC, Pascal Lagriffoul, AFC, and Martin Roux, is meant to provide a bias-free demonstration of the characteristics of these optical tools that allow us to “see” the images in films.

This lens test was performed thanks to the support of Arri France, Next Shot, Panavision Alga, RVZ Camera, Transpacam, TSF Camera, Vantage Paris, and the ENS Louis-Lumière, the ADC (Association des chefs décorateurs de cinéma – French set designers’ association), the AOA (Assistants opérateurs associés – French camera assistant association), and LMA (Les Monteurs associés - French film editors’ association).