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Testing the Shotover G1 in different configurations, last projects and release, here is our latest news.

Discovery day and training on the Shotover G1
Around twenty persons (technicians, dops, cameramen…) have been attending our Shotover G1 discovery day at our workshop on the 21st of June. They were able to appreciate its versatility and capabilities, around two configurations : Red Scarlet with Fuji Cabrio 19-90mm ; Sony HDC P1 with Canon 14x.

L'atelier Shotover G1 - DR
L’atelier Shotover G1
Pendant l'atelier - DR
Pendant l’atelier

We shot test images on a tracking vehicle with our ‘quick rig’ developed by ourselves, to be released soon ☺

Test G1 sur rig ventouse simple - DR
Test G1 sur rig ventouse simple

Another possible application that we have been testing lately with the G1, on our rail tracking system both in ‘sitting’ and ‘hanging’ position, with the Sony P1 & Canon 14x.

Shotover UG1 sur Speedtrack suspendu - DR
Shotover UG1 sur Speedtrack suspendu

Last projects
Several days shooting drone in the Parisian region for Dany Boon new movie, Raid Dingue ; configuration with the Alexa Mini and our experienced aerial DoPs Steve Desbrow and James Swanson.

Steve Desbrow, Aerial DoP, sur le tournage de "Raide dingue" - DR
Steve Desbrow, Aerial DoP, sur le tournage de "Raide dingue"

Two teams in Cannes for the shoot of a foreign movie : the first one shooting drone in Alexa Mini and the second one for helicopter images over bay with the Shotover K1.

Shotover K1 - DR
Shotover K1

Tarzan to be released, quick look back to our shoot !
Nearly two years after our shoot for the Warner Bros, Tarzan will be soon released (on the 6th of July) ! We spent many weeks in several spots in Gabon (Waterfalls, tropical forests …) filming the fauna and flora in quite extreme conditions. For this job we participated in the development of a new generation of ‘long line’ rig which, coupled with the Shotover K1, enabled perfectly stable images down to 8 feet above a river.

Long Line et Shotover K1 - DR
Long Line et Shotover K1

‘Having a 50 meters travelling made at man height ending in the clouds at more than 500 meters ABL so as to start the take in the middle of the actors and then to obtain a wide view of the environment, flirting with the clouds.’

It was the first time for a production to use the Hydra option of the Shotover K1 for the SFX needs, which enable carrying 6 Epic Dragon, offering more than 150° field of view and 36k of background images.

Shotover K1et Kit Hydra - DR
Shotover K1et Kit Hydra

Other movie to be released
- Bastille Day, directed by James Watkins and shot by Tim-Maurice Jone, to be released on the 13th of July. We shot in different locations for this job, with the Shotover K1 and DoP James Swanson : in the Parisian region such as Versailles, Saint-Denis Cathedral, and tracking vehicles over Arletty, Levallois … ; in Etreta for gorgeous images of the coast and its cliffs. We shot with a Red Epic Dragon and the Angénieux 24-290mm.

Prises du vues du château de Versailles - DR
Prises du vues du château de Versailles

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