Technicolor Look Collection Custom-created for Sony Venice’s color science

par Sony France Contre-Champ AFC n°318

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With the advent of digital cinema cameras two decades ago, options for previewing creative looks on-set have steadily grown. Venice users now have arguably the best options through a new collaboration between Sony and Technicolor.

The new Technicolor Look Collection for Venice allows any Venice user to add the artistry and experience of Technicolor colorists to their productions, through free downloads of LUT (Look Up Table) files. These files can be used for on-set monitoring, as well as be applied in post-production.

Specifically, for on-set monitoring, the Technicolor Look Collection for Venice includes Sony’s new proprietary file format : .art.

The use of .art files became possible in the November 2020 release of firmware V6.0 for Venice.

The collaboration between Sony and Technicolor to develop custom looks for Venice was a natural fit since the post house worked closely with Sony on the first production made on the camera in 2017 (The Dig, Dir : Joseph Kosinski, DP : Claudio Miranda, ASC).

The Technicolor Look Collection was produced by Technicolor’s amazing talent roster of esteemed colorists.