The AFC at the Fujifilm soiree introducing Eterna Vivid 500

Introduction by Caroline Champetier, AFC president

par Caroline Champetier

[ English ] [ français ]

On the evening of September 24, 2009 Fujifilm presented its its new Eterna Vivid 500 film stock, with footage including tests shot by some members of the AFC. Caroline Champetier briefly expressed the spirit of our participation in such an event, and we publish her words below for reference.

"At the AFC, we are pleased to participate in this event for two reasons. First, we are able to experiment with a new stock, and experimentation is an exciting part of our métier. And you shall see how such experiments can differ with three cultures - Japanese, French, American - and with photographic individualism.

Second, we are experimenting with collaborative relationships with long-time partners of our association and with the transmission linking different generations of cinematographers, all in a spirit of great freedom of inquiry, thanks to a very dynamic new team at Fujifilm, to young and older members of the AFC, and thanks as well to TSF, to LTC and the CST.

Thank you all for reminding us, in these days of hasty decisions, that testing is a way of practicing our métier."

(Translated from French by Benjamin B)