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Cinematographer Thomas Favel, AFC, discusses his choices for "Return to Seoul" by Davy Chou

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes

Franco-Cambodian director Davy Chou’s second feature film, Return to Seoul, focuses dispassionately but as closely as possible on a young woman who returns to retrace her Korean origins. The visuals, by Thomas Favel, AFC, who has been working with Davy Chou since the start of his career, helps us embark on this voyage of self-discovery. He reveals to us the behind-the-scenes choices he made for Return to Seoul which has been selected in Un Certain Regard at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. (BB)

Darius Khondji, AFC, ASC, discusses his work on "Armageddon Time", by James Gray
Autumn in New York

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes

A dark, autumnal film bathed in flickering golden sunlight, James Gray’s Armageddon Time is a feature film full of memories from its director. The story is composed of a gallery of characters all drawn from the director’s real childhood in the borough of Queens. At the center of the plot is a teenager in search of himself – played on screen by young actor Banks Repeta – surrounded by Anne Hathaway (his mother), Jeremy Strong (his father) and Anthony Hopkins (his grandfather). Darius Khondji, AFC, ASC was the mastermind behind this film’s visuals, creating a sober and soft image of mid-1980s New York, where hip hop music was being born just as the punk movement was slowly dying out. (FR)

Sébastien Buchmann, AFC, discusses the challenges he faced in shooting "Le Parfum vert", by Nicolas Pariser

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes

Nicolas Pariser’s latest film, Le Parfum vert, in selection at the Directors’ Fortnight, is set in the world of the theater. Between a spy film and a comic-strip, reflections of Hitchcock and Tintin hover above the somewhat incredible adventures of the strange duo of Vincent Lacoste and Sandrine Kiberlain. Sébastien Buchmann, AFC, has loyally worked alongside Nicolas Pariser in the past, and the Directors’ Fortnight screened their film Alice et le maire in 2019. This year, they’re back with Le Parfum vert, a film with colored and contrasted visuals, with waves of green… (BB)

Antoine Héberlé, AFC, discusses his technical choices on "Mediterranean Fever", by Maha Haj

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes

After her first film, Personal Affairs, selected for Un Certain Regard in 2016, Maha Haj returns to the Croisette this year with her second feature, Mediterranean Fever. In this chilling tragedy, the director, a Palestinian and Israeli citizen, very freely addresses the loss of identity of Palestinians who live in Israel. She entrusted the visuals of Mediterranean Fever to Antoine Héberlé, AFC, who has been the cinematographer for many foreign films. During his career, Antoine has acquired extensive filming experience in the Middle East and constantly adapts his skills to make these sometimes hazardous and often low-budget productions. (BB)

Hazem Berrabah, AFC, TSC, discusses "Ashkal", by Youssef Chebbi
Concrete, cops and fire

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes

Ashkal, by Youssef Chebbi, is a film set in a particular district of the Tunisian capital : "Les Jardins de Carthage", a real estate development that is symbolic of the old regime, and which has remained under construction since the 2011 revolution. This crime drama is also a political and social film about contemporary Tunisia, and it also involves a metaphysical and religious dimension. Hazem Berrabah, AFC, TSC, was behind the camera and, here, he discusses this film whose visuals cause this neighborhood under construction to play a starring role in this film in its own right. (FR).

The Light is Mine
Video interview with cinematographer Jarin Blaschke about his work on Robert Eggers’s film "The Lighthouse", conducted by François Reumont for the AFC

Les entretiens de Camerimage

After their first success with a film whose meticulous recreation of a 17th-century community caused a sensation (The Witch, 2015), the duo composed of Robert Egger (director) and Jarin Blaschke (cinematographer) has taken on another, even more concentrated historical fantasy project. Namely, the meeting between two men (Robert Pattinson and Wilhelm Dafoe) alone on an island where they are the caretakers of a lighthouse in the early 19th century. The film was shot in Nova Scotia and has very dense visuals evocative both of silent film and period fantastic engravings. The film was presented in the Directors’ Debuts competition at Camerimage 2019.

The Bartender is at the End of the Tunnel
Cinematographer Kit Fraser discusses his work on Babak Anvari’s film "Wounds"

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes

As part of the eclectic selection in the Directors’ Fortnight this year, festivalgoers were able to discover a strange American film by Babak Anvari (Américano-iranien director) in which the fantastic cyclically appears in a rather classic plot centred on a love triangle. In the end, the mix isn’t always well-proportioned between the jumpy moments and the relationship falling apart in an apartment – New Orleans style – full of alcohol and giant cockroaches. British cinematographer Kit Frasier signed off on the visuals of this film, which follows the main character’s inexorable downward spiral. This is a Netflix film, and will soon be released on their platform. (FR)

Marcell Rév, HSC, discusses his work on "Jupiter’s Moon", by Kornél Mundruczó
By François Reumont, for the AFC

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes

After the astounding White God, in which dog hounds take control over town, the duet Kornél Mundruczó (director) - Marcell Rév (DoP) is back on the Croisette to present a strange political and religious allegory, that gives rise to an uplifting filmed visuals, shot on Kodak Vision3 5219 500T . Jupiter’s Moon is in official selection for the Palme d’Or.

Interview with cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle, DFF, BSC, ASC, about his work on "Snowden", by Oliver Stone
By François Reumont for the AFC

Les entretiens à Camerimage

Since Slumdog Millionnaire, in 2008, opened the doors of Hollywood to him, Anthony Dod Mantle, DFF, BSC, ASC, has been alternating between movies with directors the likes of Ron Howard, Kevin Mc Donald, or his faithful accomplice Danny Boyle. Always looking for new forms of visual expression, as in his past films with Lars Von Trier and Harmony Korine, he has just signed off on the visuals of Snowden, directed by Oliver Stone.

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Cinematographer Slawomir Idziak, PSC, discusses work on Natalie Portman’s film “A Tale of Love and Darkness”
Sand and stones

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes

While for many the name Slawomir Idziak, PSC remains associated with the visuals of his compatriot Kristof Kieslowski’s 1993 film Three Colours : Blue, the Polish cinematographer has since enjoyed a distinguished international career (alongside Andrew Niccol on Gattaca, Ridley Scott on Black Hawk Down, and David Yates on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). He now returns to the forefront of the Cannes scene with A Tale of Love and Darkness, Israeli actress Natalie Portman’s highly anticipated adaptation of the eponymous novel by Amos Oz. (FR)

Cinematographer Sean Porter discusses his work on Jeremy Saulnier’s film "Green Room"
Punks against Dogs

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes

After the international success of Blue Ruin in 2013, a great revenge movie that was self-produced, directed, and filmed by cinematographer and director Jeremy Saulnier, Cannes is about to discover the world premier of Green Room, his latest thriller. This story, which portrays a group of Punks and its involvement with a gang of Skinheads, is highly anticipated at the Directors’ Fortnight. American cinematographer Sean Porter is responsible for the film’s visuals.

Cinematographer Benoît Debie, SBC, discusses his work on "Lost River", by Ryan Gosling
Detroit City Blues

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes

A fan of the universe of Gaspar Noë, star Ryan Gosling has availed himself of the services of Benoît Debie, SBC, to create the visuals on his first, strange feature-length film that oscillates between social fable and fantasy story. "Lost River" is one of the most anticipated films in the “Un certain regard” selection this year at the 67th Cannes Film Festival. (FR)

Director of photography Thierry Arbogast, AFC, discusses his work on "The Family", by Luc Besson
A Mafia boss in Normandy

Entretiens avec des directeurs de la photographie

For his first project filmed inside the Cité du cinéma, Luc Besson decided to make an adaptation of Tonino Benacquista’s novel depicting a reformed New York ‘godfather’ forced to live under a false identity in the Normandy countryside. A mix of comedy and film noir that is largely carried by the presence of a cast that would make even the largest Hollywood studios jealous (Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Pfeiffer). Here, along with Thierry Arbogst, AFC, who regularly works alongside Besson, we take a look at this film’s approach to visuals and filming in studio. (FR)

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