Cartoni France introduces Prolycht and its new directional COB LED spotlight : Orion 300 FS

par Groupe Zebra Contre-Champ AFC n°320

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Cartoni France introduces its new brand, Prolycht, and its new directional COB LED spotlight : Orion 300 FS.

You can use the Orion 300 FS LED projector in different types of shooting because this projector is unique and therefore very versatile ! With a high output, it is naturally intended for the attention of professionals in the TV and film industry.
With an excellent price/performance ratio, it is also aimed at independent filmmakers or production companies. It can be a directional light source, a soft light, a fresnel projector, a projector with optical nose and gobo, a LED cutout !

Remotely controlable via a BLE application or Wi-Fi, via DMX (XLR 5 pins) and Luminair or from the device itself, thanks to a simple interface on a RGB LCD screen.
It is nomadic and is 100% powered by two 14.4V V-Lock batteries.

6-D light engine technology :
The Orion 300 FS LED COB is composed of 6 types of LEDs : Red, Blue, Green, Cyan, Lime and Amber.
In CCT, the color temperature is between 2,000K and 20,000K. This technology allows to obtain at the same time, a very high precision and a very good color rendering : in 5600K, TLCI and CRI 96, TM : 30, Rf : 94.

Delivery from mid-June.