LiteMat Spectrum, by LiteGear

While previous versions of LiteMat changed the way we light, LiteMat Spectrum changes everything, from pre-production planning to post-production workflow, allowing a filmmaker’s true vision to become a reality… all while maintaining the great features of the over ten thousand LiteMats in use globally.

First and foremost LiteMat Spectrum is truly a LiteMat at heart. Close to 15,000 units are in use worldwide by users at all levels of experience. It’s the preferred choice for quick setups with its ease of use and vast mounting options. LiteMat Spectrum is built upon these features and adds full-colour capabilities, wide-range Kelvin temperature adjustment, +/- Green correction, full spectrum desaturation of colour, Rec. 709 color space compliance, and large format pixel control. We think technicians are going to love it.

Full Color Capabilities
LiteMat Spectrum can augment its white-light output with colour accents. Saturated colour can be delicately added with 100 shades of depth. LiteMat Spectrum offers 360 pure accent colours that can be added with 100 shades of saturation.

Kelvin Temperature Adjustment
LiteMat Spectrum is built upon the solid foundation of the Cinema Series colour space found in thousands of existing LiteMat and LiteTile fixtures. LiteGear added red, green, blue, and amber to augment the Cinema chips and extend the system’s CCT abilities from 2,000K to 11,000K. The key here is the amber chip. It is simply not possible to achieve the best white-balanced colour without it.

Plus/minus Green
LiteMat Spectrum offers adjustable colour correction of green or magenta hue. Being opposing colours, green is applied to a light when an unwanted magenta cast is present. The opposite is also true, applying magenta when a light produces an undesirable green cast.

Full Spectrum Desaturation
Building from the most accurate white point possible, we then developed a method that uses that white point as the method of desaturating colour. What is the best method of desaturating a beautiful red, green, or blue chip ? The very best full spectrum, colour correct, and white-balanced white light colour of your choosing.

Large Format Pixel Control
The concept of large format pixel control was born out of the need for an ever growing desire for more granular control of set lighting fixtures on set. LiteMat Spectrum features pixels that are 240mm x 480mm in size allowing you to create compelling lighting effects while remaining simple to operate with just 5 DMX addresses per Spectrum Pixel.

LiteMat Spectrum is the most camera compliant LED light fixture available. It can accurately reproduce any shade of white that the camera considers correct. That can be anywhere between 2,000K and 11,000K with +/- 8 points of tint correction. LiteMat Spectrum can also augment its white light with colour accents. Saturated colour can be delicately added with 100 shades of depth. LiteMat Spectrum can also improve post-production workflows. It is the first lighting system to be certified color space compliant. That means taking the guesswork out of colour mixing for digital cinema. Its unique and patent-pending colour processing engine also provides wide colour gamut desaturation.