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We hope that you had an excellent summer and we wish you a lovely September full of new projects ! In our recent news : several feature films and commercials, our presence at the IBC trade fair.

Our last projects
Aerials in Paris
Our crews have been implicated in the shoot of the new commercial ‘Mon Paris’ for the brand Yves Saint Laurent, a nice project on which we deployed multiple of our services. Setting up a bucket truck enabled the director to capture images, between 45 and 80 meters high, of and over the Arc de Triomphe in the heart of Paris. That systems allows us to rig a gyrostabilised head, either the Shotover F1 (41kg) or the Shotover K1 (68 kg). This time we used the Shotover K1 carrying the camera package Alexa Mini and Angénieux Anamorphic 40-440mm ; for POVs at 80m over the city ! This configuration is very convenient when drone or helicopter is not allowed by the legislation. The Shotover K1 was ideal for this shoot as it offers impressive stability and can fit large range long focal lenses such as the 40-440 Angénieux. Other Parisians locations were flown over in drone, with a machine capable of recording in Apple ProRes 5.2K (5 280*2 160, 2.4:1) 30ips or 4K (3 840*2 160, 16:9) 30ips. Using drones implies to carefully prepare the desired images and cannot replace the equipment used in the cinema industry ; the aerial regulation allows flying the Alexa Mini or Red Series cameras in only specific conditions. Do not hesitate to contact us to best evaluate these solutions to fly in French and European urban areas...

Grue nacelle équipée de la Shotover K1 - Arc de Triomphe à Paris

Still in Paris, we have participated in the shoot of Jean-François Richet next movie, featuring Vincent Cassel, Fabrice Luchini and Olga Kutylenko. We also provided drone services with our Inspire 2 - 5.2k Raw machine, capturing many aerial POVs around and over the Napoleon Statue, Place Vendome. We were able to obtain all the required permissions to fly in this area, in the safest conditions. Our aerial DoP Steve Desbrow who was operating the camera did great to fit the director expectations.

Drone Inspire 2 – Place Vendôme à Paris

Drone in altitude
We were in a completely different environment in the Hautes-Pyrénées for another French feature film, working this time with Jerome Alméras and Hervé Mimran. We supplied drone services with our bigger machine as we needed to carry the Alexa Mini and the Master Anamorphic Lenses. Our crew was on the set during 4 days and shooting in altitude up to 2 000 meters.

Steve Desbrow / Drone Film pour Arri Alexa Mini

Helicopter and unbeatable team
After a first shoot in drone a few weeks ago, we joined Danny Boon crew a second time for helicopter aerials with the Shotover K1. Our great team - Luc Poullain as Film Pilot and Steve Desbrow as Aerial DoP - did again very well !

Luc Poullain, pilote
Steve Desbrow, opérateur prise de vues aériennes

Shotover G1 & Black Arm 
No aerials for this project but travelling vehicle shot with our 3 axis gyrostabilised head Shotover G1 and Black Arm, rigged on a Polaris Quad equipped with a 2m vertical lift. Less than 6kg, integrated FIZ motors, auto-horizon with GPS, quick to set-up, the Shotover G1 is the very best option for this kind of projects. For this French feature film shot in the Parisian Region, we used the Alexa Mini and Hawk 45-90mm lens.

Shotover G1 et Black Arm / Arri Alexa Mini et Hawk 45-90 mm

ACS France at IBC
ACS France crew will be attending IBC fair between the 15th and 18th of September ; do not hesitate to contact us for a meeting. You could as well see our equipment (Shotover F1) on Shotover stand (11.B49).

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