The AFC at Camerimage 2016

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The AFC will be represented at the 24th Annual Camerimage Festival (Bydgoszcz, Poland) thanks to selected films that will be screened, the attendance of eight of its member-cinematographers, and the publication of a daily newsletter reporting on the highlights of this annual event focusing on cinematography and cinematographers.

The AFC is represented via its member-cinematographers who have a film in competition (Michel Abramowicz, Oliveir Chambon, Caroline Champetier, Jean-Marie Dreujou, Marie Spencer), are serving as member of the jury in the Main Competition (Gérard Simon), are chairing a masterclass moderated by Benjamin B and sponsored by Panavision and Thales Angénieux (Michel Abramowicz, Nathalie Durand, and Romain Lacourbas), were invited by Panasonic to participate in a Varicam workshop (Antoine Héberlé and Philippe Ros), are serving as honourable ambassador of the AFC (Richard Andry), or are in charge of a daily newsletter (Jean-Noël Ferragut) …

Composed on location with the editorial assistance of François Reumont (interviews, videos, and summaries), alongside schedules and portfolios, the newsletter will announce and recount the major events that take place during the festival – especially the activities that the AFC associate members will be taking part in. Let us add that it is made possible thanks to the support of our associate members : Arri, CW Sonderoptic – Leica, LCA, Lee Filters, Next Shot, Panasonic, Panavision, PhotoCineRent, RVZ, Thales Angénieux, and Transvideo.

The AFC Films in selection
- Cezanne and I, by Dannielle Thonson, cinematography by Jean-Marie Dreujou, AFC (European Panorama)
- Close Encounters with Vilmos Zsigmond, by Pierre Filmon, cinematography by Olivier Chambon, AFC, Marie Spencer, AFC, SBC, and inter alia, James Cressanthis, ASC, GSC, and Luca Coassin, AIC (special documentary screening)
- Past Life (Hachtaim), by Avi Nesher, cinematography by Michel Abramowicz, AFC (Main Competition)
- The Innocents, by Anne Fontaine, cinematography by Caroline Champetier, AFC (European Panorama).