The Eclair news in January 2019

La Lettre AFC n°293

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In the latest news from Eclair, an EclairColor film in the theatres, photographed by a member of the AFC, and eight films currently restored, of which one was photographed by an AFC member.

Cinéma news
Movies post-produced in EclairColor available in theatres on December
- Au bout des doigts, by Ludovic Bernard, production Récifilms, DoP Thomas Hardmeier, AFC.

Heritage news
Movies currently restored by Eclair
- Attention bandits (1986 - 4K), by Claude Lelouch, production Les Films 13, DoP Jean-Yves Le Mener
- La Femme rêvée (1929), by Jean Durand, production Gaumont
- Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse (2000 - 2K), d’Agnès Varda, production Ciné Tamaris, DoP Agnès Varda
- Lieu du crime (1986 - HD), by André Téchiné, production MK2 Films, DoP Pascal Marti, AFC
- Saint-Cyr (1999 - 4K), by Patricia Mazuy, production Archipel 35, DoP Thomas Mauch
- Univermag II, by Renan Pollès, production Renan Pollès, DoP Renan Pollès
- Viva la vie (1984 - 4K), de Claude Lelouch, production Les Films 13, DoP Bernard Lutic.

Lambert Wilson et Jules Benchetrit dans "Au bout des doigts"
Lambert Wilson et Jules Benchetrit dans "Au bout des doigts"