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Contre-Champ AFC n°313

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In the latest news from Damien-Vicart SAS, the shooting of feature lengths, TV series and some commercials ; and the setups on any vehicle of our 6K Super35 2kg camera.

Just before lockdown, we shot Above the Clouds, by Jérôme Cornuau and DoP Stéphane Cami, AFC.

I say "we" but in fact I was alone, as a single operator. In addition to the usual shots, you will especially recognise the end shot : The drone follows the car in a top-shot at a height of 150m, then descends on it to the last few inches and the roof, full frame, gets out of the field.

As soon as the confinement was over, we had to catch up with all the shootings and those to come.

Tournage de "Liés pour la vie" avec Laetitia Millot
Tournage de "Liés pour la vie" avec Laetitia Millot

There were several days of filming from Paris to the cliffs of Etretat for the TV movie "Liés pour la Vie", directed by Jean-Marc Rudnicki, with Laëtitia Milot in the lead role.

It was a lot of shots with horses, a real treat !

Tournage de "Liés pour la vie"
Tournage de "Liés pour la vie"

Afterwards, we went to the south of France for the series "Prière d’enquêter" by Laurence Katrian and Eric Guichard, AFC, as the director of photography.

Tournage de "Prière d'enquêter", avec Eric Guichard, AFC
Tournage de "Prière d’enquêter", avec Eric Guichard, AFC

It was several days and several scenes, including ones at night, camera cars, quite dynamic, precise, where it took perfect coordination between pilot and cameraman.

Tournage de "Prière d'enquêter"
Tournage de "Prière d’enquêter"

Currently we are on the new season of "Clem", directed by Xavier De Choudens. Unfortunately I can not quote anything, lots of new things are to come !
And for the next month we add the series "Astrid and Raphaëlle".

You will understand, we only do feature films, fiction, TV Series and a bit of commercials as well as TV reports.

There is still some bad news... we are not back for "Crimson Rivers" season 3 , only season 2, like the production part.

Also, as we make our own drones and accessories, we decided to use the Super35 6K camera to take even more stable shots, but on the ground !

We replace the 25kg Ronin 2 + Arri Alexa Mini + focus/iris motors + HD transmission + VMount battery pack against our 2kg compact system.

Tournage avec caméra X7 sur voiture
Tournage avec caméra X7 sur voiture

It is to be sucked on any vehicle (car, bike, scooter, etc.) or at the end of a pole, a rope, a crane, a cable-cam, and the cameraman works quietly with a joystick.

Tournage avec caméra X7 sur trotinette
Tournage avec caméra X7 sur trotinette