Welcome to Sony France

by Remy Chevrin

par Rémy Chevrin

[English] [français]

Camera manufacturer, designer of image capture at a time when film sets are opening to digital, Sony is joining the AFC. Sony’s involvement in the film world, but especially in the capture of the image, for many years is a reality that has resulted in new additions to the director of photography’s vocabulary : the 750, the 900, then the F23, and finally the F35 which is currently making its appearance among rental houses.
There was an urgent need to involve all this work and reflection in the dynamic that inhabits the AFC.

It is therefore with great joy that the AFC welcomes the Sony company to our association. Fabien Pisano, Elizabeth Pierce, Patrick Ribourg and Stephane Labrousse are men and women of cinema, driven by a passion for the image.
Cinematographers have had the opportunity to cross their paths in recent years : and we know their ability to listen and their responsiveness to evolving equipment. Sony will be another partner for exchange, listened to by the AFC. We will have the opportunity to meet at a soirée before year’s end.

Remy Chevrin