Camerimage 2018

Angénieux at Camerimage 2018

par Angénieux

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At this year’s Camerimage Festival, Angénieux will feature its two latest long-focal-distance lenses, the Optimo Ultra 12x Multi Format and the Optimo 42-420 A2S Anamorphic.
Both lenses are based on Angénieux’ IRO Technology, which allows the Optimo Ultra 12X to cover S25, U35 and FF/VV formats, provided the rear adapter is changed. The Optimo 42-420 A2S can be transformed into a spherical Optimo 25-250 Style lens. Not to be missed.
Besides these two zoom lenses, the full Angénieux range will be on display at the Angénieux stand, including the Optimo 48-130 from the Style range and the EZ Type series. The latter contains two lenses :
- A 30-90 (S35) at T2 or 45-135 (FF/VV) at T3
- A 15-40 (S35) at T2 or 22-60 (FF/VV) at T3.