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Drew Daniels talks about filming Sean Baker’s “Anora”.
"The Shadow Gambler", by François Reumont for the l’AFC

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes 2024

Carried by a dazzling cast, with young Mikey Madison in the lead role as a stripper, Sean Baker’s Anora is a captivating film. Its writing is both simple and precise, steering the plot in one direction only to better surprise the audience and ultimately deliver a powerful final scene that is likely to go down in festival history. Shot like great American cinematographers of the 70s used to do (Kodak film, 4-perf Scope, zoom lenses, and negative flashing during shooting), this cinematic tour de force is truly one of the major events of the 77th edition of the Festival. Drew Daniels, who shot the film, explains that nothing replaces the thrill one can experience on such a film as a director of photography, making creative decisions live on set rather than relying solely on modern digital camera & post-production tools. (FR)

Kodak pays tribute to On Film winners at the 77th Cannes Film Festival


Here’s a full list of On Film winners at Cannes 2024 ! It was a great showing for film. Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best First Film (Camera d’or) along with four winners in Critics’ Week and the winner of the inaugural Audience Award in Directors’ Fortnight.

Mihai Malaimare Jr., ASC, tells us about the challenges of Francis Ford Coppola’s new film, "Megalopolis".
By François Reumont for AFC

Les entretiens au Festival de Cannes 2024

After more than 10 years of absence, the filmmaker behind The Godfather and Apocalypse Now returns with an extremely personal project in which he has invested a significant portion of his fortune. This is Megalopolis, a fable aimed at younger generations that reinterprets classical texts from ancient Rome in the context of a futuristic city reminiscent at times of Batman’s Gotham. It is also a family film with many main roles, featuring extensive sets and special effects to immerse the audience in this anticipatory atmosphere. The film is shot by Romanian-born cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr., ASC, a loyal collaborator of the director for nearly 20 years. The film is in Official competition for the 77th Palme d’Or.

Looking back on the meeting and discussion with Peter Biziou, BSC
By Margot Cavret for the AFC

Camerimage 2023

Peter Biziou, BSC, was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his entire body of work at the Camerimage festival this year. A retrospective enabled all festivalgoers to discover or rediscover some of his biggest hits, and a conference about his career was held before a packed audience. This conference highlighted four key films from his body of work, and then the audience was given an opportunity to ask questions.

Pedro Luque, SCU, and director Juan Antonio Bayona look back on the stressful shooting of "The Society of the Snow"
"Alone in the world", by François Reumont for the AFC

Les entretiens de Camerimage 2023

In competition for the first time at Camerimage, Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible, Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom and the Amazon series "Lord of the Rings") and his Uruguayan cinematographer Pedro Luque answered the audience’s questions after the screening of his new film, The Society of the Snow. (FR)

Retour sur la rencontre-hommage avec Peter Biziou, BSC
Par Margot Cavret pour l’AFC

Camerimage 2023

Récompensé pour l’ensemble de sa carrière par le Lifetime Achievement Award, Peter Biziou, BSC, était à l’honneur cette année à Camerimage. Une rétrospective a permis aux festivaliers de (re)découvrir certains de ses plus grand succès, et une conférence sur l’ensemble de sa carrière a été donnée, devant une salle comble. Cette conférence a mis l’accent sur quatre films-clés de sa filmographie, avant de s’élargir à toutes les questions que l’audience pouvait se poser. (MC)

Pedro Luque, SCU, et le réalisateur Juan Antonio Bayona reviennent sur le tournage éprouvant du "Cercle des neiges"
"Seuls au monde", par François Reumont

Camerimage 2023

En compétition pour la première fois à Camerimage, le réalisateur espagnol Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible, Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom ou la série Amazon "Le Seigneur des anneaux") était accompagné de son chef opérateur uruguayen Pedro Luque, SCU, pour répondre aux questions de la salle à l’issue de la projection de son nouveau film Le Cercle des neiges (La sociedad de la nieve). (FR)

Interview with Robbie Ryan, ISC, BSC, about “Poor Things,” by Yorgos Lanthimos
"Bella’s rebellion", by François Reumont

Les entretiens de Camerimage 2023

After the highly acclaimed The Favorite (Audience Award at Camerimage 2018), Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos has teamed up once again with Irish cinematographer Robbie Ryan, ISC, BSC, on Poor Things. This project was largely shared in its making with actress Emma Stone - Oscar winner for Best Actress in 2017 -. Stone was the centrepiece of this project, giving her a probable chance of receiving a second statuette in 2024. This resolutely feminist fable tells the story of the journey and liberation of a dead young woman, brought back to life by a mad scientist, who implants in her a little girl’s brain... (FR)

Retour sur la cérémonie d’ouverture du 31e Camerimage
Par Margot Cavret

Camerimage 2023

La trente-et-unième édition du festival Camerimage s’est ouverte ce samedi 11 novembre. Cette date évocatrice et commémorative pour toute l’audience internationale de cet événement l’est d’autant plus pour le pays hôte du festival. En effet, l’armistice de la Première Guerre mondiale acte également le retour de l’indépendance nationale en Pologne, ce qui fait de cette date la fête nationale polonaise. Les différents représentants polonais se succédant au micro n’ont eu de cesse de souligner avec fierté la coïncidence entre une célébration de l’Histoire polonaise et celle du présent de la cinématographie mondiale.