Lubomir Bakchev

by Etienne Fauduet, AFC

[ English ] [ français ]

The interview by Eric Guichard, published in the AFC Newsletter 173 in February 2008, represents Lubomir Bakchev better than I could do. It is also much more interesting for the reader.
I met Lubomir Bakchev as an assistant on Toulouse-produced commercials shot in Switzerland.
Coincidentally, the director and myself had just finished filming a feature, shot in large part in Bulgaria. Wow ! We were going to be able to use the three Bulgarian words that we had learned ...
Because of his atypical background, Lubomir, the diligent assistant, was sometimes of a disarming curiosity.... The start of productions shot on digital media allowed him to embark on an interesting “career” with the Julie Delpy movie, Two Days in Paris, and Games of Love and Chance and The Secret of the Grain by Abdel Kechiche ... Photographically speaking, I prefer In Your Wake by David Oelhoffen.
When I shared with him our questioning and disappointment regarding the lack of presence of our newest and youngest members, he answered me with humor, and with a fatalistic deadpan which is one of the charms of the eastern Europeans republics, that he came from a country where the associative life was a constant...
Welcome then.