The March news from Next Shot

par Next Shot La Lettre AFC n°295

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A new Scorpio stabilized Head V, new things in Sony Venice : Firmware 3.0 and Extension System, are in the latest news from Next Shot, as well as the shooting of three feature lengths, of which one photographed by an AFC member, and a TV series.

New Scorpio stabilized Head V
Three years after its prototype version, the new stabilized head of Service Vision Scorpio Stabilized Head V is finally here ! We presented it exclusively at the AFC Micro Salon, with the Scorpio Arm and the Mercedes ML63AMG vehicle.
Following the principles of the previous model, the Scorpio Head V is more faster and more effective thanks to its new software and mechanical design. Pan 360 ° in less than three seconds, sliding axes to quickly adjust the size of the head according to the camera, faster vibration correction, enhanced protection against moisture.

Scorpio Head V

Scorpio Arm sur Mercedes ML63AMG

New things in Sony Venice : Firmware 3.0 and Extension System
Available from March 6 new firmware 3.0 and extension system CBK-3610XS that enables cabled separation of the Venice camera body and image sensor block by up to 5.5m with no degradation in image quality.
The separated image block is just 1.9kg (4lb) with PL mount and 1.4kg (3lb) with E-mount for the utmost shooting flexibility.

Système d’extension CBK-3610XS

Shooting in March with Next Shot
- Petit Pays, by Eric Barbier, Production : Jerico, DP : Antoine Sanier
Camera and grip equipment by Next Shot

Tournage de "Petit pays"

- Déflagrations, by Vanya Peirani-Vignes, Production : Wide Management, DP : Thierry Arbogast, AFC
Camera and grip equipment by Next Shot

Tournage de "Déflagrations"
Thierry Arbogast, AFC, derrière la caméra

- J’accuse, by Roman Polanski, Production : Légendaire, DP : Pawel Edelman, PSC
Grip equipment by Next Shot.

- "Les Rivières pourpres", (saison 2, ep. 1 & 2), by Olivier Barma, Production : Storia TV, DP : Serge Dell’Amico
Camera, grip and lighting by Next Shot.