Screenings and Awards

Camerimage 2018, the installation

Camerimage 2018

Before Camerimage’s Opening Gala, Saturday 10 November, the Industry Sponsors& Partners of the Festival have settled their booth on the 1st floor of the Opera Nova a few days ago. Here are some brief moments in video of the installation.

Overview of the 2017-2018 Season of the Conservatoire des techniques de la Cinémathèque Française
By Jean-Noël Ferragut, AFC

Conservatoire des techniques cinématographiques

For the second year in a row, Laurent Mannoni invited the AFC to attend the last meeting of the 2017-2018 season of the Scientific Council of the Conservatoire des techniques de la Cinémathèque française. The meeting took place in the storage rooms at Bercy, and there, the eleven “extra-mural” members in attendance were told about the current season’s conferences, recent acquisitions and gifts to the collection, and the schedule of upcoming conferences.

Storaro and I were at Camerimage together
By Pascal Lagriffoul, AFC

Camerimage 2017

We were once there. A week of meetings, films, discussions with DoPs at Camerimage. I returned home in a particular state of fatigue, leaving the hotel for Poznan Airport at 2:30 a.m., just after the last party of the week, alongside a director from Bombay. That was my last meeting of the week, and like all the encounters during the week, we understood one another immediately! We discussed images, cameras, shootings...

“Transferts”: a sci-fi series made in France
Interview with cinematographer Pascal Lagriffoul, AFC

Interviews at Camerimage

For its second incursion into science-fiction after “Trepalium,” a television series it produced in the past, Arte France decided to hire Patrick Benedek and Claude Scasso to write a six-episode season on the theme of immortality and on transferring from one body to another. The series will be broadcast as of 16 November and the cinematography of the first season was directed by Pascal Lagriffoul, AFC. The first episode was selected at Camerimage in the Television Series’ Pilots competition. (FR)

Camerimage, a great fraternity
By Richard Andry, AFC

Camerimage 2017

At Poznan airport, I met Pascal Lagriffoul, AFC, who, like me, was left without luggage. The tricky Lufthansa must know that in less than 40 minutes of transit in Munich it cannot forward baggage from one plane to another because as a passenger, we have to walk kilometers of corridors, running like lunatics, hoping to "catch" the connecting flight. But at first, she pretends that there is no problem.

Camerimage 2017 Awards

Camerimage 2017

During the closing ceremony of the 25th annual Camerimage Festival, held on Saturday 18 November 2017 in the Grand Theatre of the Opera Nova of Bydgoszcz (Poland), the jury, presided by filmmaker Michael Apted, revealed the names of the winners. The Golden Frog went to Ildikó Enyedi’s film On Body and Soul, cinematography by Máté Herbai, HSC, the Silver Frog, to Loveless, by Andrei Zyvagintsev, cinematography by Mikhail Krichman, RGC, and the Bronze Frog to First They Killed My Father, by Angelina Jolie, cinematography by Anthony Dod Mantle, DFF, BSC, ASC.

Into the White
Video interview with cinematographer Maria von Hausswolff about her work on Hlynur Palmason’s film "Vinterbrodre"

Interviews at Camerimage

Every year, the Cinematographers’ Debuts selection holds a few good surprises in store. Last year, it was Juliette Van Doermael; this year, young Copenhagen DoP Maria von Hausswolff tore open the screen with (Vinterbrodre), a strange and pale film that portrays a group of lovelorn workers in a Danish limestone mine. The impressionistic screenplay was well-served by the graininess of the Super16 and an extremely impressive sound design. Director Hlynur Palmason and his cinematographer met during their studies and both work in the field of contemporary art (sculpture and installations).

Love, Autism, and a Hunk of Meat
Interview with cinematographer Máté Herbai, HSC, about his work on Ildiko Enyedi’s film, "On Body and Soul", by François Reumont on behalf of the AFC

Interviews at Camerimage

On Body and Soul, a Hungarian film directed by Ildiko Enyedi, is also the third this year in the official selection to be set in an abattoir. Máté Herbai, HSC, shares his approach to working on this congenial and unusual love story between two wounded souls.

The Far Side of the Moon
Interview with cinematographer Jonathan Ricquebourg about his work on Maud Alpi’s film, "Still Life", by François Reumont on behalf of the AFC

Interviews at Camerimage

Jonathan Ricquebourg is the only French cinematographer officially competing in the feature-length fiction section of Camerimage 2017. Still Life, a first feature which was released a year ago in France, takes place in an abattoir. Animals and humans live side-by-side in a strange fable with infrequent dialogue. An original choice for this international selection that sometimes pits outsiders against internationally-recognized stars in the profession. (FR)