Press and video interviews

Jean-François Hensgens, AFC, SBC, speaks about his work on Joachim Lafosse’s “The White Knights”

Jean-François Hensgens is a SBC and AFC member. For instance, he has shot movies like Victor, by Philippe Martinez (2014), Turk’s Head, by Pascal Elbé (2010), District 13: Ultimatum, by Patrick Alessandrin (2009), Dikkenek, by Olivier Van Hoofstadt (2006), and Dark Tide, by John Stockwell (2012). The White Knights is his third collaboration with director Joachim Lafosse. They worked together in 2010 on Entre les mots (a short film) and in 2012 on Our Children.

In his own words: A Conversation with Phedon Papamichael, ASC, GSC
By Madelyn Most

After Cannes in May and Camerimage in November, Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, photographed by Phedon Papamichael, ASC, GSC, was honored at the American Society of Cinematographers Awards in February where many attending delighted in the rumor that Nebraska would upset Gravity and steal the top prize. Afterall, cinematographers were voting for what they recognize to be the year’s greatest achievement in lighting and photography, not visual effects. The rich black and white imagery has a raw and simple beauty that is unique today; it defiantly counterpoints the glossy, artificial, commercial-advertising look found in most other Hollywood Studio movies.

Cinematographer Sean Bobbit, BSC, discusses his work on "12 Years a Slave", a film by Steve McQueen
Interview by Noé Bach and Eva Sehet

During 21th Plus Camerimage Festival, K5600 Lighting and Transvideo, with Thales Angénieux, AFC’s Associate Members, invited twleve French cinema schools students – six of La Fémis, six of Louis-Lumière – to stay in Bydgoszcz. Two of them interviewed DoP Sean Bobbit, BSC. He speaks about the shooting of 12 Years a Slave, by Steve McQueen.

Where Philippe Rousselot, AFC, ASC, speaks about digital and future

The discussion is far from over. According to Philippe Rousselot, AFC, ASC, it has yet to begin in France. Two of the AFC’s most distinguished Cinematographers have added their observations to the digital debate following the compilations of interviews by the British journalist Madelyn Most. Philippe Rousselot, AFC, ASC, and Bruno Delbonnel, AFC, ASC, have contributed to the “We need to talk about the Future” article which appears on the Imago web site.

Interview of late French Cinematographer and Stereographer Alain Derobe
Filmed by Richard Andry, AFC

“Alain Derobe was one of my teacher at IDHEC Cinema School in the begining of the seventies. He was a fantastic teacher and a passionate person mad about image... Yes a great Monsieur has departed this world.” (Richard Andry)
An interview of late FrenchCinematographer and Stereographer Alain Derobe conducted by Nigel Walters, BSC, President of Imago, and filmed by Richard Andry, AFC.

Cinematographer Giora Bejach talks about the challenges he faced in the making of "Lebanon"
A film by Samuel Maoz

Richard Andry, AFC, from eDIT "The Filmaker’s Festival" in Francfort 28-IX-2010. About the cinematography of Lebanon by Gioria Bejach, DoP

“At the very first moment of the movie, you enter the inside of a tank where you will spend the next 90 minutes. This leads me to my first big challenge - making you feel you were actually there, inside the tank.”

Cinematographer Darius Khondji, AFC, ASC, embraces Alexa

Having shot two commercials and a promotional film with Alexa, cinematographer Darius Khondji, AFC, ASC, has used Arri’s latest digital camera in a number of different environments. All three productions were designed to be viewed on both the small and the big screen; the promotional film was a 3D project for Mercedes while the commercials were a Dior spot directed by Jean Jacques Annaud and a Gautier spot directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Interview with cinematographer Laurent Brunet, AFC

Director of photography, doing long feature film since twelve years, Laurent Brunet has been rewarded in 2009 by a Cesar award. United States, Africa or middle-east, this cinema traveller reveals here his passion for image and his vision of cinema. Confidences of a professionnal attached to his freedom and opened to new adventures.