Plus Camerimage is leaving the city of Lodz

by Richard Andry, AFC

par Richard Andry La Lettre AFC n°197

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We learned of this via a Newsletter from its founder Marek Zydowicz. The Plus Camerimage festival will no longer take place in Lodz (Poland). This important decision follows a total disagreement with the new policy of the township.

As the Grand Theatre, past home of this festival, no longer corresponds to the size of the event, the construction of a new center, the Camerimage Lodz Center (CLC), was scheduled based on a design by the American architect Frank Gehry.
The funding was to be arranged by a partnership between the township, the Tumult Foundation (organizers of the festival), and the Arts of the World Foundation (co-founded by David Lynch).

At the last festival Camerimage in November 2009, a display of the models for this very ambitous future center was inaugurated with great fanfare by officials. But a few weeks later, the township executives found themselves in the minority, and the necessary investments were frozen, provoking a split between the city and the festival organizers. Consequently, they decided to leave Lodz.

We support our friends from Plus Camerimage in the face of this adversity, and we wish them all the best in quickly finding a city capable of ensuring sustainable development of this world-class cinematographic event.

(Translated from French by Benjamin B)