Vantage at Camerimage 2018

par Vantage Paris

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A regular partner of the Camerimage Festival, Vantage has not planned a seminar this year, but will support Panasonic’s seminar with DoP Vanja Černjul and Imago’s panel discussion entitled “Focus on Diversity”. Vantage’s team will be in full attendance.
Vantage Support
- Panasonic Seminar with Vanja Černjul, ASC, on Tuesday 13 November following the screening of the film Crazy Rich Asians at 18:30 (shot with Hawk lenses) at the MCK Orzeł Cinema.
- IMAGO Discussion Panel “Focus on Diversity” (event with an emphasis on women in the film industry) on Sunday 11 November at 13:00 at the Opera Nova Congress Center, 1st Floor Seminar Room.