AFC Newsletter Editorial, September 2017

By Richard Andry, President of the AFC

La Lettre AFC n°278

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I have just heard of the death of Jeanne Moreau. I encountered her, when I was A.C on the set of Joseph Losey’s Mr Klein. I had great admiration for her, she the heroine of the French New Wave that has so much influenced my generation.

She liked cinematographers and I remember hearing her often, accomplice, joking Gerry Fisher, BSC, on the set. Raoul Coutard often reminded me of the extraordinary atmosphere that she brought to the filming of Jules et Jim, by François Truffaut. Generally, actresses like cinematographers. We reassure them and personally I prefer to follow the shooting of a scene by looking at them "in vivo" than scrutinizing a monitor.

Back in Paris, I go up the street of Babylon and can only stop in front of La Pagode, my "local movie theater". This can only add to my sadness as it always makes me a terrible shock to see this legendary movie theater, in such a state of abandonment. Its doors are walled by plywood panels, the roof is covered for years with a dirty gray tarpaulin and the bamboos have invaded the beautiful garden where, in the time of its splendor, one could go to smoke a cigarette or to read a book between two films. It was there that I was able to discover the films of Rohmer, Truffaut and Lumière, the film directed by Jeanne Moreau and photographed by our friend Ricardo Aronovich, AFC. How can we abandon such a place full of so much history and cinematographic memory ? "Nostalgia is not what it used to be."

Fortunately there are monuments of our 7th art which have been able to strengthen themselves in the test of time and pass successfully the course the digital revolution. This is the case of Arri our faithful associate member who will celebrate this September 12th his 100 years at the Isarforum of Munich.
That is the beginning of the school year, for the children, for the AFC and for our associates and the restarting of our activities which I hope will bring us together in great numbers.
And while waiting for the return of Marie, our coordinator, to whom we wish a fast recovery, Christine will provide the administrative assistance. See you soon.