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Tetsuo NAGATA was born in Nagano, Japan. He moved to Tokyo, continued his studies and immediately became interested in cinema, especially French cinema, and organised a Movie Club at the Franco-Japanese Institute in Tokyo.1 In 1972 he left for France to study at the University of Paris VIII, Cinematography section.1 In 1975 he returned to Japan and worked as an Assistant Operator with the Director of photography, H. Segawa ( LA FEMME DE SABLE - H. Teshigahara) on several films. This experience made him work with Toho and Toeï Studios.

In 1982 he decided to move to Paris. He met Riccardo Aronovich and became his assistant.1 He continued to work with different French productions for feature films and advertisements. 1 In 1988 he decides to launch himself as Director of Photography.

Until 1995, Tetsuo Nagata worked mainly on advertising films, music videos and short movies. He collaborated with 1 Jean Pierre Jeunet, Jan Paul Rappeneau, Jan Kounen , Jean Baptiste Mondino and many others.1 Tetsuo Nagata worked on his first feature film as Director of Photography with Rock Stephanik : "STAND BY" (Best Film at the World Film Festival in Montreal, Grand Prize in Kiev, Best Actress César...).

He then met François Dupeyron and with him, made two films : "C’EST QUOI LA VIE" (Grand Prize at the Festival of San Sebastian) and "LA CHAMBRE DES OFFICIERS" (Official Selection at Cannes Festival). For the second film, Tetsuo Nagata, received a César, in 2002, for Best Photography.1 From that point on his career was spent between France and abroad. He shot "RIDERS" in Canada with the French director Gérard Pirès and "BLUEBERRY" in Mexico with Jan Kounen. 1 He returned to his native Japan for the film "UNTIL THE LIGHT COME BACK" with the director Takashi Minamoto, and then he met Vincenzo Natali, a Canadian film-maker, with whom he shot a sequence of the film ’’PARIS JE T’’AIME’’ and "SPLICE" which is set to be released in cinemas in 2009. 1 His work with the director Olivier Dahan on the film "LA VIE EN ROSE" earned him his 2d César on the 22nd of February 2008.

Ses derniers films


de Razneesh Ghai
Produit par Asylum Films, Zee Studios, Soham Rockstar Entertainment, Sohel Maklai Productions
Photographié par

Tetsuo Nagata, AFC

Kainan 1890
(125 Years Memory)

de Mitsutoshi Tanaka
Produit par Toei Company, Böcek Yapım, Creators’ Union
Photographié par

Tetsuo Nagata, AFC


de Oliver Ziegenbalg
Produit par Seven Pictures, Black Forest Films
Photographié par

Tetsuo Nagata, AFC

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2022 EMERGENCY on production

  • Director : Kangana RANAULT


  • Director : Razneesh GHAI

2015 KAINAN 1890

  • Director : Mitsutoshi TANAKA


  • Director : Oliver ZIEGENBALG


  • Director : Hisako MATSUI


  • Director : Vincenzo NATALI


  • Director : Jean Pierre JEUNET

2007 LA MÔME

  • Director : Olivier DAHAN